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maybe some people on here know something about some of these companies??? keep on adding any good ones you have.

I've heard good things about HMO USDM Engines&hit=10

a little higher, but supposed to be good:
JDM Honda | JDM Honda Parts, JDM Honda Engines / JDM Nissan Motor Swaps, Used JDM Parts - Password JDM

I think jsa is good and jdm eng corp
JSA Motors - We specialize in low mileage Japanese JDM engines & transmissions imported from Japan. Honda engine swap guides for jdm honda engine swaps.
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might be good??
Translated version of

I don't really know anything about the following... these were my bookmarks. My motorsports guys said that even though all these engines come through Canada that they recommend buying from a supplier in the US (apparently they have more problems with the ones ordered directly from Canada). Best way to check where they are located is obviously to go to "contact us" and check the address... The ones coming directly from Canada (they all go there at one point due to shipping cost etc... it's cheaper than bringing them directly into the US) might be fine... they seem to have some good reviews, but I decided for "insurance" purposes to order through Blueridge Motorsports in Morganton NC... they are great.

Honda Engines :, JDM Engines & Accessories
Nippon Motors
Jdm H22A 92-95 ENGINE, TRANSMISSION, ECU Honda JDM Engines-Jdm motors
JDM RACING MOTORS - JDM Engines, Transmissions and Accessories. - JDM RACING MOTORS - JDM Engines, Transmissions and Accessories. JDM Top quality, high performance JDM Engines.jdm motors
Honda Acura
jdm source // inventory
Japan Racing Engines Corp.
Japan Domestic Motor - JDM Montreal
Translated version of
Japanese Engines Inc - JDMENGINESINC
Japanese Star Motor - JSM Montreal - JDM Engines and Parts
H22A 5 SpeedH22A
Used Engines, Used Car Engines, Used Truck Engines - ASAP Motors
Japanese Engine Import Inc. - JDM Engines, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota
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