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POTM January 2009

  • blahblah311

    Votes: 4 6.3%
  • MugenMachina

    Votes: 26 41.3%
  • 90preludeLad

    Votes: 33 52.4%
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Re: Your POTM Nomination
blahblah311's 1991 Honda Prelude SI 4WS

B20a5 engine swap
B21a1 intake manifold
2.25" Silverline exhaust
all maintenance done

Tokico Blues struts
Eibach springs
Secluded adjustable end links
All new bushings

Body and paint work
-shaved hood emblem
-shaved antenna
R-51 phoenix red
Sunroof visor(not installed)
"4WS" plate
-Acura Integra GS-R "Fat Fives"
--205/50/15 nitto neo gens
-or Stock 14" blades

Sony Explod deck
Clarion 6.5" Speakers(front)
Memphis MC class 6.5"speakers(rear)
Clock cover



  • I. Interior

  1. Armrest
  2. Cupholder [1, 2, 3, 4]
  3. Si interior swap
  4. Alpine SPS-17C2 coaxial
  5. Alpine iDA-X001 reciever
  6. Alpine SWR-1240D subwoofer
  7. Alpine MRV-F353 amplifier

  • II. Exterior

  1. Yellow Foglights
  2. jdm side mirrors
  3. jdm door visors
  4. Sunroof visor
  5. Accord EX Lip Kit

  • III. Suspension

  1. KR628 wheels
  2. Khumo Ecsta 205/40Z/R17 Tires
  3. Tokico HP series shocks
  4. H&R Sport springs

  • IV. Engine Bay

  1. Magnaflow Exhaust
  2. Upgraded Grounds
  3. 97-01 Prelude AEM 3" Cold Air Intake + Air Scoop
  4. Overflow Resevoir Relocate
  5. Battery Relocate
  6. Power Steering Reroute


Exterior Work:
- NSX Longbeach Blue Pearl
- 91 Integra Mugen Replica Front Lip
- 94 Accord Side Skirts
- 94 Accord 3-Piece Rear Lip
- OEM Rear Mudflaps
- Shaved Emblems From Hood and Trunk
- Shaved Antenna

Wheels & Suspension:
- Nuespeed Race Springs
- 17x7 +40 Offset Konig Imagine Rims
- 205/40/17 Fuzion HRI Tires

Engine Work:
- Hedman Header
- 2.25" Piping
- Cat-Delete
- Buddy Club Spec III Muffler
- Battery Relocated to Trunk

Interior Work:
- Yonakka Ronnin Style Blue Seats
- Custom Seat Rails
- Custom Shift Boot
- Shifter Cut Down 1.5"
- MOMO Mod-8 Steering Wheel
- MOMO Hub
- Alpine Head Unit
- Infinity Rear Deck Speakers
- MTX 10" Sub
- Sony Xplode 222 watt Amp

Background Information:
My name is Andrew Woltjer, and I live in the middle of Iowa. Currently, I work at M&M Woodworking for one of my friends fathers, where I do a lot of the sanging/prep work for the custom cabinets they make. I also do some contract work for my cousin's buisness making websites/graphics for her clients. I'm going to the community college here in Marshalltown and intend to major in Graphic Design.

How long have you had the prelude for?
Coming up on 3 years.

If you could have another Model Prelude - What would it be?
I would love to have a mint 1st gen lude. I have a thing for old hondas.

How long did it take you to decide what Mods to do?
To be honest, I didn't intend to have my lude look the way it does now. Most things I've done to the lude I have done on an impulse. Like the color of the car for example. I was browsing old HT mags and came across a civic that had the same color as mine does now and I drove down to the body shop 15 min. later and told them to spray it NSX longbeach blue pearl. Same with the lip kit/interior work.

Where did you get your ideas?
I got most of my ideas for the exterior from Danny's and Fly's ludes as you can tell. Both these cars are super clean and gave me a lot of inspiration.

Did you do the majority of the mods yourself?
I have done all the mods to this car myself except the body work and paint.

What mods did it have when you bought it?
None, it was a stock 90 Si when I bought it.

Next Mod? Future aspirations for the Prelude?
An H22 will be in the car hopefully by the summer, and after that some Ground Control's or KSports. I'm also planning on doing a 5th gen gauge cluster swap as well as a few smaller things like that. The exterior and interior are basically done for now.

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I literally sat here and thought about who to vote for for about 10 minutes and went with 90preludeLad. Can't vote for everyone...

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I literally sat here and thought about who to vote for for about 10 minutes and went with 90preludeLad. Can't vote for everyone...
Haha i feel ya, hard one here....still havent decided yet :dontknow:

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Had to go with MugenMachina as the car is even better looking in person. Have seen it a couple times now it so makes me want a 3rd gen. Oh so clean.

Mike (H4L)

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I dont know who to vote for yet Ive seen Ryans in person blahblah311 but andrews 90preludlad DAMN IS SEXY AS HELL TOO but i dont know yet lol

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Its funny that I was looking through some threads and saw both mugen and preludelad's cars and couldn't help but say I would never be able to pick between these 2. Both look absolutely amazing but I went with PreludeLad. Good luck contestants!

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Blahblah for sure. Not a door ding or so much as a rock chip on that car. Not to mention he cleaned up the car with the shaved emblem and antenna. Brand new 2008 clear coat paint job too.

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cj gets it this car has progressed so much and it only seems to get better, plus it stays this clean and he dd's it and cj u forgot that you did the si interior swap

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CJ (MugenMachina) FTW!

I told CJ I would buy his lude if he ever wants to sell it. I wouldn't want to or need to change ANYTHING. That should say something right there about the care and effort he has put into the car.

Looks incredible in person!

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All 3 are worthy POTM winners but nobody can deny that mugenmachina white 3g isnt tha secks! Thats where my vote went this month! That thing is absolutly perfect!

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Don't be disheartened, your 3g is a beaut, but I haven't seen a white 3g as clean as mugen's since forever so gotta show some love for it.
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