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I had this in the entertainment section but figured it'd be more viewed here.

Here's a quick step by step process on how I did it.
I had to put 4 wires through each door to get to the power window wires so that I could install a 530t window module.
The same can be applied when installing speaker wire.
First I took off the bumper and fenders.

Here's where most of the work is gonna be done.

I ran wire through the original grommet and into the cabin to my module.

Don't forget your wire loom!

I had no choice but to drill a hole in the door. I painted the bare metal then installed a grommet.

I ran the wire through the door to the inside.

Then I wired up the necessary wires to the power window crap.

My center console is jammed pack with wiring and different modules :lol:

The new wiring, all zip tied and marked. I can disconnect it whenever I want if I need to remove the door (you'd be surprised lol ).

Here's the wiring diagram I made in paint for my window module.

Here's the end result.. it only took me a full weekend to do.. but I can rest at night knowing I did it right.

No more hot interiors or forgetting the windows down!

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Nice work man. It is definitely a pain in the ass but taking off the bumper and fenders is the right way to do it.
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