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So i want to make a tutorial for those who have an automatic Prelude like me. So the problem for me is that i cannot buy me a manual because i am disabled and so stuck to auto transmissions. I find that the best piggyback out there is the Ecu Master det 3. It has tables, can adjust fuel and ignition, has power outputs for programming and has cost me only 170 Euros. The only thing is that it needs some soldering and some wire which is not included in the kit. You only need to solder the wires to the connectors different pins. You can also just 'clamp' it in but it's better to solder it. so let's start. if you have any questions just email me [email protected]

* Read the det3 manual before beginning the install off course :)
* It is good to adjust the ignition timing correct before you install the det3 if its possible.
* When you are ready and made the harness for the det3 don't forget to install a 1 AMP Fuse to the PIN #1 12 volt Cable.
* If you have install a wideband and you want to send the signal to the det3 it is better to take the 12volt and the ground that is powering the wideband from the same cables that are powering the det3.

First as allway's disconnect your battery.

Then you need to go to the passengers side and disconnect the ecu's. At this time we want only the connectors so we can cut and connect the cables to the det3. Here is a picture from my project.

You need only to cut the Green and Green/red cables from the cars ecu. These are the two signals that he det3 will process to adjust the fuel and timing. The Green is the ignition signal and the other the MAP Sensor. Everything else (12 Volt, Ground, Tps Sensor etc.) just need a clamp or a T connector to get the signal to the det3. Here is the diagram that you need.

These are the positions on my ecu, maybe they are else where on yours but the cable color will be the same. If you have done everything plug the ecu's again in and connect the det3 to your laptop. the only thing you must change is: Go to Setup->Ignition Configuration and set this:

and don't forget to flash it to the ecu with the Make maps permanent button.
If you do everything the car must now start. you can make real time changes to the maps while the car is running but dont forget to make them permanent.

Last thing is ti hide the det3 somewhere, i have out mine under the center console. Whit the carpet off course this picture is before i install the carpet.
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