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So i have the idle air control part on my 88 carbed prelude im confused because its missing a piece and they screw on the sude in the pic was pushed all the way in it was able to move freely and i tightend it idk if this will affect the idle . My car is having a hard time runnning properly the car idles very bad somtimes it idles very low(200rpms) it will start up and die immeditly die , when you give it gas it dies somtimes, somtimesil it will start and run for a while and then die, the car has a misfire i belive, a coolant leak (wich im workin on right now), the car hesitates when you rev it, it will start smoking(i think it might be the coolant leaking). Ive got the carbs rebuilt ive tried adjusting the idle screws that didnt really do much i havent adjusted the air/ fuel mixture screws yet. I got new spark plugs and they are all ready burnt out(probably a mixture problem). Im stuck on what to do next can anyone help me please? i have pics and videos of whats going on if you need them.
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