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I'm new on this forum.
My name is Ali and i'm from Sweden.
Currently building on a civic with a h22 turbo fully built for dragracing.

I have a problem though, I thought that I got skunk2 pro1 camshafts. But when trying to degree these, the numbers didn't match up at all.

I contacted Skunk2 and they said that these weren't skunk2 camshafts.
All skunk2 pro1 cams should be marked with p1+ or something like that on the dizzy end.

My camshafts are like these below, although with numbers 7 and 8 etched on the cam lobes.

Is there anyone that knows which camshafts these are?
I bought them bnib for 2 years ago, they came in skunk2 pro1 package.

Please help

Thank You

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