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I have used the search so don't just post that as the answer. 1992 si with a 1993 h23 auto trany. Bought the car 2 weeks ago had both problems when I bought it. Already took off and cleaned the idle air control valve and fast idle valve, checked and bleed the coolant.
First problem: spedo related
When I start the car its fine reads 0 mph, once I start to drive the spedo reads 12-15 mph faster than I am going. Then when I come to a stop it reads that 12-15 more mph at a complete stop. It dose not jump around it stays still like the 15 mph mark is the new 0 MPH and seams to clime and fall at normal mph range stopping at about the 15 mph mark.

Problem 2 Idle.
It only does it in gear. When I let off the gas and I'm going slow like under 10mph mostly in parking lots, it will rise and drop the idle from like 1800 ish to normal 900 ish like I am reeving the motor (short reeves like your just snapping it real quick) if I come to a complete stop most of the time it will stop doing, but not every time or if I shift in to park it will stop.
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