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I am NOT responsible if you injure/hurt yourself or break anything. Proceed at your own RISK!

I look everywhere trying to figure out how to remove the window regulator and motor for my passenger side window. I didn't find anything about it so I figure I guess do a DIY since I am taking mine apart. But I guess it is the same thing for the driver side. I will also show how about manually test the window motor. While removing this you could also remove the door window.

First of all you start by removing the door panel.

Unscrew the screw inside the door panel arm rest.

Unscrew the screw holding the door handle. Then try to get a flathead or something flat in between the door panel and the door handle. Then pull the door handle outward then toward the front of the car.

Once you get the door handle out you will need to unhook this purple piece. REMEMBER HOW YOU UNHOOK IT B/C YOU WILL NEED TO HOOK IT UP LATER ON!

The door handle will come out like this then just un-clip the clips that connects to the tweeter and door switch.

Next thing you will need to remove is the speaker cover. Pull it from the bottom with your hand.

When the speaker cover is remove, you will see 3 screw that held the front speaker unscrew it then another 3 screw that holds the door panel to the door fame also unscrew that a total of 6 screw.

After unscrewing the screw the front speaker will fall out just un-clip the speaker wire.

Don't forget another plastic screw below the side mirror and the side mirror cover. For the side mirror cover if you are sitting on the front seat just pull where the red arrow is pointing, pull it toward you and downward.

Now you got everything that holds the door down other then the plastic clips on the inside. Use your hand and pull the door panel where the red arrows indicate. It might seem like you are breaking it, if this is your first time removing the door panel don't worry if it does break only the plastic clips will.

Now when the door panel comes out don't just yank it out b/c there is another wire that clips onto the passenger side window switch. Once you un-clip then you could totally remove the door panel.

This is what you will see. Wait yours will have a plastic bag thingy cover the door where all those sticky glues are. Don't throw it away like I did b/c this plastic bag cover any dirt from getting into your interior. I have to custom make one b/c I threw mine away. Just roll the plastic bag until you see the clip circle in red in the picture below.

Now this is the moment of truth un-clip the red circle clip. This clip comes from the window motor. You could manually test to see if the window motor is working.

You will see something like this. Too bad I took the whole thing out before testing it. When you un-clip it you will see this clip like picture below. Hold it up like the picture or how the arrow is pointing with the flat side toward the bottom.

Inside you will see toward 2 metal piece it's lable 1 and 2 like the Helm's Service Manual. You should connect a wire from the car battery.
If you connect:

1 = + (battery 12V) >>
2 = - (ground) >> Window will roll up

1 = - (ground) >>
2 = + (battery 12V) >> Window will roll down

This is where you could tell if your window motor is still working.

Sometimes your window motor is working but your window regulator has crap out. OR if your window motor is not working continue on.

For those of you who just want to REMOVE THE DOOR WINDOW this is it. Just remove the 2 bolt circle in GREEN and your door window will slide right out (by pulling it up that is).

If you window motor doesn't work and you can't get to the other bolt circle GREEN you might want:

Unbolt the bolts circle ORANGE so the other (GREEN) bolt could move freely and you could unbolt it so you pull the window up.

If you just want to remove the window motor continue on. Unbolt the rest of the bolts that are circle. I circle them different color b/c the 2 bolt that are circle ORANGE are shorter then those that are circle RED.

Helm's Manual say remove the door window out from the door fame but I just didn't want to make thing any harder on me so I just tape it.

Once you unbolt all the circle bolt it will fall down to the bottom of the door fame. Reach with your hand through the big cut in the fame and grab the window regulator out.

Note: When you pull it out the saw part is big so you might want to push that part upward and then downward.

This is how the window regulator and window motor look. This is how it look if it was attach to the door fame. Just a reference guide. I was helpful to me when I put it back in. Circle in red is the window motor.

REMEMBER TO MAKE A MARKING ON THE MOTOR AND REGULATOR LIKE THE RED LINE. This is so you remember where the motor goes once you remove it from the regulator. I mark it with a black permanent marker as you could see in the picture but I tested the motor so it moved. CAUTION: REGULATOR WILL JUMP ONCE THE MOTOR IS REMOVE TO BEWARE. I recommend putting a screw driver where the triangle gap is. Just unbolt the 3 8mm bolt and you will be about to get the motor out.

If you have any question just PM me.

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Yes actually :lol:
People are just lazy and would rather look at pictures.
some people just learn better reading someone else's experiences and pictures than trying to decipher text/diagrams off a technical manual.

but for the record, +1 helms manual.

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Anything on a subject before attempting it is useful for people (as long as they search):sneaky:. Thanks for taking pictures of your process man!
I acutally did the DIY backwards. I took everything out and then decide I should do a DIY on how to remove window motor. So I started taking pix backward. :wink3:
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