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Sold your item?

Report your thread!

The report post button looks like this:

Got it? Good! It can be found in the bottom left hand portion of Post #1 of the thread. Reporting the post is the fastest way to get it cleaned up!

Someone spamming your thread?


You like having your FS threads clean and drama free? The mods are here to help! That same report post button is located in every single post, including the one you want a mod to review!

What's even better than having to have the mods come in and clean up useless/harassing posts? Acting like an adult. It's great, I do it daily and I love it!

Some of the benefits of acting like an adult may include:

  • Less Drama!
  • More respect!
  • New found friends!
  • A great community relationship with your fellow Prelude owners!
  • Your shit is less likely to be deleted!
  • You're less likely to be banned!
  • You might learn something if you're open minded!
  • People might say things about you.... GOOD THINGS!

Potential consequences of acting like an adult may include:

  • ...

No consequences!

Seriously? Did I really need to put that in here? Seems like it sometimes. Have something to say about this post? Do it >>>>>HERE<<<<<

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I want to report your signature for sending me to this thread.. such an anti-climax
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