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I ended up getting a pair of Motegi Mr7 rims for 50$. The rims were obviously in BAD shape for 50$ haha. I figured I could try and fix them and it turned out quite nicely.

Here is the before shot of the rim I'll be demonstrating on.

Close up of some of the damage

Material list:
6 pack of Ice cold brews
Sandpaper of varying grits
Rags(lint freeeeeeee!!!!)
Paint thinner/paint prep
Dish detergent(must have no added moisturizers, sorry ladies)
Paint of your choice/powdercoat

I got all my supplies at Walmart and spent about 24$.

1. Remove center cap and all badges. Also remove tires if you don't want them painted, or tape them off.

2. Using your most coarse sandpaper begin knocking down high and low spots, try to get an even surface. Anything gouged into the metal will need to be filled in make sure you pay special attention to those spots as the bondo will need to grab hold of the surface. In this step the key is to just try and get the high and low spots even that is it.

Here is the sandpaper I used. It can be bought at Walmart and comes with enough to do all 4 rims and the grits you will need.

Here you can see I only sanded the low spots, you shouldn't really have any high but you might.

3. Clean spots to be bondoed using a lint free rag and your paint thinner/prep. Self explanatory.

4. Bondo those gouges. Using a card makes less mess and is easier on flat parts of the rim like the spokes. Don't be afraid to use your fingers to form corners or lips that a card won't work for. Remember to try and use only what will just cover what you need. As it still will need sanded. Also this hardens quickly so work fast.

Here is the bondo I used available at Walmart.

Here is a flat spot that was bondoed

Here is a lip that was covered. It doesn't have to be beautiful lol.

5. Let dry. For me it took 30mins. I was outside on a 95* day though. It will turn from a dark gray to a lighter gray when dry.

6.Knock down the bondo. Again using your most coarse sandpaper, knock down the bondo til it is flush with the surface of the rim.
Same spot from before sanded flat.

To get in corners it is helpful to roll the sandpaper like so.

7. Working through your pack of sandpaper start to sand the bad spots from step 2. As you get progressively finer in your sandpapers you will want to.get the surface of the rim as flat as possible. Anything that isn't flat/scratched etc will show up in the paint.

8. I worked my way down to a 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Using your bucket fill it with water. You will want to sand the WHOLE RIM with the wetsanding paper to provide a good surface for paint to adhere to. Make sure to dip your paper in the water frequently, being as fine as it is it will clog up quickly. Make sure to take your time and hit every spot of the rim here.
Post wetsanding.

9. Clean those rims up! Using your bucket(after cleaning well) mix in a few drops of dish detergent. Clean all the nooks and crannies of your rim, wetaanding is a very dirty process. Make sure you're using a lint free cloth!

10. Let dry. And rewipe with lint free cloth and you paint prep/paint thinner.

11. You're ready to paint. This step is up to you to follow your choice of paint's application instructions.
For plasti-dip here's what I do. Put the cans in a bucket of hot water, because its so thick of a paint the heat will make it spray much finer. Spray a super light coat to start about 8-10" away, coverage should be around 5%. Let dry, doing three more coats. 2nd and 3rd coats should be a medium coat on third coat there should be no underlying paint visible. Make sure to let dry in between. 4th coat should be heavy. By doing it this way it makes the plasti dip come off all as one coat when you decide to remove it, instead of bits and pieces.
** 2 cans of plasti dip covered four rims for me.These were 15" rims. If your not experienced at using spray paint(lol!) Or have bigger rims get three or four.

12. Put those rims on your car and stay away from curbs! :)

The rim completed...
Note: I plastidipped mine for now, they will be getting powdercoated:)


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Good input. Never thought about using bondo. Thanks!
Regular bondo will not work. This is "plastic metal" different stuff and adheres differently than that from a can. This also doesn't swell as much and doesn't suck up paint like wood like the canned bondo which is nice. .
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