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The calipers of a prelude S,SI,Vtec and even 5th gen non SH are the same. The only thing that changes is the caliper bracket on the 4th VTEC and 5th non sh to allow for the 1" larger diameter rotor. If any can confirm that the 5th type sh caliper and brackets bolt up too it be cool to know. and obviously well all know the rears on all 92-2001 ludes are the same.

Calipers and brackets came from 5th gen base model. I have a 95 Si. This mod will benefit ALL S and SI 4th Gen preludes. Not the 4th Gen Vtec model or 5th Gens cause it already has them.

Here are some OEM Honda part numbers,

4th Gen S caliper/bracket combo: 45018-SS0-000, 45019-SS0-000

4th Gen SI caliper/bracket combo: 45018-SS0-000, 45019-SS0-000

4th Gen Vtec caliper/bracket combo: 45018-SS0-A00, 45019-SS0-A00

5th Gen Base caliper/bracket combo: 45018-SS0-A00, 45019-SS0-A00

5th Gen SH caliper/bracket combo: 45018-SW5-003, 45019-SW5-003

Disclaimer: You know the not responsible for your mess up and so on.

Jack/Jack stands
10mm wrench
12mm socket
14mm socket
17mm socket
Impact driver
phillips and flat head screw driver
brake bleeding tube and brake fluid container
4th Gen Vtec caliper and bracket combo or just the brackets or
5th Gen caliper and bracket combo or just the brackets
4th Gen VTEC brake discs
4th Gen VTEC brake pads with shims and grease

1)So jack the car up, putting on jack stands, take the front wheels off, you know the drill.

2)I started with taking off the brake disc screws, you will need the impact driver and hammer for this. If can have someone inside the car to press on the brakes as you do this it will be much easier. make sure the impact driver is on the setting to unscrew! duh.

3)If you can replace the screws with new ones from honda. now on to the caliper and relieving the pressure of the system so the caliper can come off easy. This step may not be neccesary but I did it anyway.

4)I put a flat head screw driver in between the brake pad and piston caliper, at the same time i opened the bleeder screw with the 10mm wrench and with bleeder tube attached to the nipple, I used the screwdriver to "pry" the piston away from the brake pad. then close the bleeder screw so air wont get in the system.

where is the bleeder tube?? :smt017

5)Now I took my 12mm and unbolted the banjo bolt that connects to the brake line. Some fluid will still come out so have a shop towel ready and remember the order of the washers!

6)With that off, I took my 17mm and took of the bracket bolts from the back of the knuckle... there is two of them, one top and bottom.

7)With the caliper assembly off I proceeded to take off the brake disc.

8)Put in your new VTEC brake disc and hand tight the brake disc screws

9)Cause my car is an SI model the brake dust shield will be smaller than the VTEC brake disc it will rub on your new disc so use a flat head screwdriver to bend the shield away from the brake disc.

10)Take your VTEC bracket and bolt it up with the original bolts.

11) I started by bolting the top caliper bolt with a 14mm. and also connected the banjo bolt to the caliper.

12)Take your VTEC brake pads and shims and anti squeal grease and apply the grease on the shims and pads

13)Insert the pads in the bracket as so...

14)Slowly swing down your caliper over the new pads and bolt up the other caliper bolt with the 14mm socket.

15)Go to the passenger side and repeat all steps. after passenger done, bleed the system to make sure proper pressure is going to both calipers and check for leaks.

16) put your wheels back on and if you have performance pads or disc use the proper bedding procedures of those products.

17)Thats it, enjoy your new VTEC brake setup.

If I missed something let me know and I will alter the post. thanks
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