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Honda Prelude BB6 1997 H22 weird starting problem

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Hey, I have Honda Prelude 1997 H22A, 5th gen base manual and for some time now I have had this weird starting problem: when I turn ignition on check engine light comes on and stays on around 30 - 90 min, then disappears and then car can start normally. Winter time when there is not that much air humidity car starts more normally so doesnt that mean theres some bad connection somewhere? When car starts it drives normally.

I have checkd some grounds, main relay is resoldered, ecu doesnt have bad solders.....getting spark all the time. This is kinda annoying problem and kinda have no glue where could find the fix for this.

Car is OBD1 converted with Hondata. Also Skunk2 IM.

Anyone else have had this kind of problem? Thanks.
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Can you pinpoint when it started doing this? I assume it was ok for a while beforehand?

Try another ECU if you can as what you have is not totally OEM
Well it started suddenly in one autumn 2 years ago.... Car had been without driving for some time then and when I was going somewhere it started to do that.
Yeah Ive been thinking about another ECU but its kinda hard to find another Hondata-system to try with if you dont buy another one and thats like around 1000€ without knowing will it even help...
Unless your running a really heavily modified engine, a stock obd 1 p13 ecu should help you work out if it's the ecu or not, particularly as it's an issue on startup.
This is response what I got from Honda Tech forum:

JRCivic1 said:
Bad capacitors inside the ECU. Repair or replace it. Capacitors are like small batteries... just because they are soldered in and appear correct doesn't mean that they work. These ECU's are now somewhere between 28 and 31 years old and the capacitors have an operational lifespan of 8,000 - 10,000 hours. When they fail, electrolytic fluid (which is an acid) leaks out and damages the board.
tried with new/another main relay - no change
got capacitor kit and got em changed, cleaned some more grounds - no change
Changed also IC17 component (Toshiba TA8903SN)
"Does your obd1 obd2 ecu not activate your main relay?
This is one of the main part that controls your main relay from functioning."

No change.

Damn, next thing I guess is to get another/new Hondata S300 ready OBD1 ECU
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