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Love these! Custom made for my wheel bearings.

Tricky but it worked.

Love new stuff!

Out with the old.

Going to lower it half an inch in the rear. (Before picture)

A clutter of tools and stuff.

Rear upper controlarm.... Those stock plastic hubs are no good.


Front end is next.


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This thread is verry neglected.

Lots of things has happened.

Current status is:
K20 started and working.
Electric power steering from a Volvo V50 is soon done.
Exhaust system needs to be fabricated. Now its only a K-tuned 4-1 with a collector on it.

Pictures of what has been going on.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

White chassis scrapped due to rust. Kept the parts with the least rust.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Steering part Automotive design

Hood Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Hood "closed" with the K20
Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Vehicle registration plate Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting

S2000 cluster connected
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