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Daugaard's BA4 4WS Trackstar. Si <--! Up to date!!

So after a while of lurking i decided to put my build thread on PreludePower as well. It's going to be a process of google translate first and then with new posts i will write it myself. So bare with me and have some patience.

This construction began already a year ago but I have had projects threads on (HPC, Honda Performance Club) and So I will fill in with what has happened up until now by the scissor arm all the info from my other threads.

Now it was so my wife (and I) think we should have a car, so both get home from work as quickly as possible and can spend time with our children.
We had talked about it a little loose in about a month, but so early in the year, she sent me an email with the block ads.
By now my wife should understand that you do not do so without violating the consequences ...
All she sent went in the garbage and I thought, "What can go fast in that is cheap?"
I have had a -88 Prelude earlier and was really pleased. So why not one more?

There were two pieces on the block one in Uppsala that has been out there for 25.000kr (2875$ US) and gone 250.000 km but now it was down to 16,000 (1840$ US) and the search's time it came down to 12,000. (1380$ US) Too much, I think.

Then there was another ... No MOT and no longer in traffic. 180,000 km 5,800kr (667$ US)
In the ad, he writes that it is not run in a long while, but what the hell it's a Honda, so why not?
I'll call him and everything seems reasonably anyway.

I throw out a plea to my fellows in the southern part of HPC and Andreas "Anno" Norberg reaches out and gives me a firm grip!

Said was done and here it is in Annos garage. 4,500kr, broken generator and the lack of a piece of the exhaust system.
Everything else works, or yes fan knob was broken and stood at the highest speed. But it feels like marginally.

What do I do now? I have bought a car in Skåne not been inspected since 2004 and has had a driving ban for nine years. : O
I appeal once again to Skåne fellows and Anno responds again. He changes the generator for me (twice because I got one with the same serial number but was still different) and weld on a pipe to avgaset. Inspection booked into half and I take the train down.

A bag full of tools can come in handy!
I come down and retrieved by the Advertiser in central Malmo, we talk a little late I go to inspection.
Profit after nearly a decade without love:

WTF! The surveyor (The boy) told myself that it almost went through. After such a long time !! I was expecting lots of other errors that the boy apparently did not agree with. : D

The day after was bought a "Basic Survival Kit" Or BS kit as it is also called.

Washer fluid, wiper blades (The old had lost that wonderful bite after ten years, oddly.) Fire extinguisher and a Bluetooth speaker so that the trip home would feel safe and tolerable.

I took the opportunity to weigh the vehicle on a weighing station near Helsingborg. 1180kg without driver with about 50l petrol and full washer fluid tank and some junk in the trunk.

In the end, I came home. Without any mishaps with an engine that has stood for nine years with old oil, dry timing belt and all that implies.

It is not pretty but I'll probably get the better of in due course.

The plan:
It should always be used as a daily in the winter but will be modified after going to court.

It should be eased about 200kg so that I land on the three-digit. Everything should be cleared!
The engine should be swapped C20 / B18 / H22 something like that.

16 "lightweight rims and tires 205 / 45-16. It leans towards Nankang NS2-R though I myself sells tires and shakes his head every time someone buys Nankang. Scarce 5k for R tires are hard to beat and I heard of them seem surprisingly well.

Project Mu Club Racer evidence is ordered. Picked down the right front brake on the street yesterday. Both pads and disc are in really good condition. Should take off everything and blast it so it works flawlessly.

Nardi wooden steering wheel is purchased. Going to the Snap-off someday and buy a 528 and hub.

It will not go fast but everything will be built with the good stuff from the start.
But to Mantorp with the HPC shall in all cases be reliable and executable.

Now only the kids become healthy so I do not vabba and start screwing!

Roger out!

Edit: I'm so tired now that I have not bothered to read this myself, so I understand if you do not do it.
Edit: Updated little in the plan.

As it was written down here so was the fastest car at Road and Track's slalom in 1988. This, with the 195 / 60-14 Michelin tires it came with the original.

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As with those of you with super eyesight have seen the rims are mounted wrong on the last picture (my colleagues in Malmö seems unfamiliar with directional wheels.) But it was fixed today.
I greased up the handbrake at the right caliper so now hopefully the brakes ease up and will be fixed. (There was heavy smoke coming from it today when I went to the post office)
On entry fetched a piece Nardi steering wheel.

Will probably sit like a glove!

Tomorrow I'll clear some clutter in the car, it will be interesting to see how much weight it can be.

Roger out!

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Started by tearing (yes rip) out the stereo.
Here is a picture with it and a bit of alarm.

Then I removed the alarm with siren and widely chewed wires (Fucking rats)
Here are the alarm and stereo deleted.

I cleaned a bit in the glove compartment and luggage where it was a bit rusty tools and a first aid kit.

The result:

Note the stereo 2kg against my Biltema speakers at 252g. (It was in the car at the weigh-in at 1180kg so I do not add it)
All speakers remain but they will of course remove those with.

194,72kg to go!

Roger out!

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More updates.

More scrap must go!
Cargo mat 2,8kg! And the spare tire on 10,6kg.
Here is a picture of the carpet and my fine scales for larger paraphernalia.

Found a pair of scissors in the padding on the back seat. 97g

Removed the ceiling. Where va wet !! And some weight too.

Today's summation:

24,433kg it was not so bad. In the future, sunroof and its fittings to be removed and it will be a few pounds!
175,56kg left.

Roger out!

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More pics please
Coming up!

I got a good price on Toyo R888 in 205/50-15 and so I sat and looked wheels just now and ended up in front of a set of 15" I stayed at numerous times before. They weigh in at 3.8kg according to the vendor so it should probably be fine =)
Pictures will come as soon as I got them home.

Vab like a boss! (Vab in sweden is when your home from work taking care of sick children) One must go to work in the evenings instead so there will be something done!
So last night I went there and prepared the brakes.
Discs and calipers blasted and machined by Folke at ROF technology.

Ready for some Zinc spray.

One coating.

Tomorrow I'll paint them with Hagmans heat color. Will withstand 650° so it should work.

Also changed some belts today. Felt like it was about time ...

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It is now just 60 minutes to re-survey (MOT) ... and 60 minutes ago, it looked like this.

I got crackdown on the eve of the left side and as you see it is not so strange.
Here I sanded a little bit and got up the damaged surface. Further back you see an old repair that looks clean shit.

But do not worry !! I am equally disposed to weld sheet metal so it will probably look the same.
(Have to keep the symmetry)

First attempt: :oops:

Second attempt: :oops:

Anti-corrosive: (Why? It looks anyway like poop in metal form)

Joking aside!
I will cut out a piece from the right side and make a completely new threshold but now the car must be inspected so that I take to work.

Now I need to change clothes then add a little black poop on everything and go to inspection.

Edit: Sitting outside inspection and wonder what the heck I'm doing. But of course it has been approved by such repair before so why not?

With today's work included, I have about 7h welding in the body. Plain rough iron I can actually get to be really nice but I have no idea of ​​how to adjust the weld to the material. Have to attend a course before I fix these thresholds for real.

Edit 2: There was no inspection when the inspector noted exhaust leak that the former inspector did not care about. Will fix the exhaust system and go back later.

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Today I have taken back my confidence when I welded exhaust systems. Thicker plate and no grime and shit = good and fine welds without splashing.
This is the weld I use:

Once at work i started to lay out all pipes and bends.

The old system is being replaced:

I had already started to loosen a bit when I realized that I should shoot.

The end result:

It was nice and it is tight 8)
Probably sounds a little too loud so maybe I will buy another one damper to have behind the cat. Where can you measure the DB level? Do not want to go to Mantorp (Swedish racetrack that HPC always rent around may) and then being denied driving.
The cat is now just an empty shell with a pipe straight through.
Final bit will be covered with some kind of styling exhaust tip but the auto parts store in Haninge only had one of that kind I wanted.
It'll probably be a little shorter too.

The weight then?
Old exhaust weighed 20.110kg and the new weighing 15,821kg. It's an amazing 4,289kg less: D
28.722 kg I have removed leaving 171,278kg still losing weight.

Roger out!

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Update with more fun content!

Come rims: D

Weeehooo! As I have been waiting for them: P

The pictures say it all:



Fleshy! I like it!
Gotta lower it down 5-6cm however that it is a future problem.

Ordered hubrings so that I can take a test drive on Friday ^^

The sad thing is that one rim has a dent, but it should be addressed next week and there should be no problem with that. Does not cost more than 50$ to repair.

What did it for the weight then?

Original 14 x5,5 "rim 7,7kg
185 / 65-14 Michelin X-Ice 3 7,1kg
Tot: 59,2kg

SSR Type-C 15 x6,5 "rim 4,0kg !!!
205 / 50-16 Toyo Proxes R888 GG 9,4kg
Tot: 53,6kg

Thus a reduction of 5,6kg
I have also removed some more weight
Brake Scrap 110g
Fog lamps 516g
Washer fluid Dunk 3,58kg (yes it was at the weigh-in)

Total lost weight: 38,528kg, remains then 161.472
The nearest goal is 10xxkg to Mantorp in May. Approximately 50kg remain in other words.

Roger out!

Ps You can not weld a threshold in that way I tried. Max 30mm between the points and the plate should be snug. Redo and do it right.

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Going out to my fabricator Folke at ROF Technology at the weekend to get some welding tools and get tips on how to weld properly.

The test run will have to wait. I became eager and unmounted the tire off the damaged rim and i shall send it to the fixers tomorrow morning!

Also changed oil and filter today and I replaced the sparkplugs against NGK sparkplugs.
Anybody heard of Yttrium A-Line By: Brisk before? ^^

Lowered the idle speed with 400rpm :shock:

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Now it's time to see!

The repair of rust has as I have said failed the MOT. Well i was lucky it did really, so I begged for some more metal sheets and got some tips o tricks.
Many pictures not so much text.

Practice makes perfect:

Properly cut:

Bent and punched 7mm sheet:

Punctate with about 10-15mm distance. Here you can also see the rear hole acting grounding point:

Sanded then improved then sanded again:

Anti-corrosive and cover painted:

Auto parts store plastic padding. Below ground:

Threshold Color:

Fairly satisfied. :) It's not the finest of work but this can not be seen unless one is lying down or the car is on the roof (and it feels like it does not matter).

Compare with my previous attempt ... :oops:

The eagle-eyed reader notes the R tires. F**k what grip it provides!
Charged on a bit (a lot) in the Globe Roundabout so that a brake shield came off ... No tendency to lose grip. Will go fast at Mantorp if it holds together :D

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17/3-2014 Since 7:40 this morning, the car is inspected and road legal for the first time in 10 years!!

The car inspected so now is the time to take care of the boot lid.

Someone has torn off the wing so that the baggage is dented and it has left six holes in the trunk. :?
They have been there for years of rust to judge. Soaked in the trunk, it has also been. But it should be solved now. : D

Cut small and cut out the big thing that was very rostigare.

The language barrier between me and my Iraqi colleague made it really frizzy welded in the middle of luggage. He thought we would weld the whole length at a time, which meant that the baggage sagged.

Very putty became ... :(

The corrosion primer revealed many irregularities but the lack of time put a stop to action.
This is also visible in the glare a big bump.

It should only be temporary so I'm not so sure. Took the white color I had bought to the Accords (TSX Tourer -08) wheel arches.

The correct color should be purchased so that it gets a little better and it will be painted more than one lap ^^
I am anyway really happy since it is no longer raining in the trunk. :Wink:

The eagle-eyed can again see that I made progress without updating.

Auto parts store tailpipes. It was quite ok and weight supplement is documented but I'll sum it later when I made a little more.

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Long time since I wrote something about the weight, but something has happened! Pictures I am not able to upload today so they will come later.

I've thrown out the interior carpet, heat shield, the seat to the back seat and lots of other shit that I can not be bothered write about in the middle of the night.

16.188 kg removed and then theres still the speakers left.
Total lost in weight: 54,716 kg, remaining weight is 145,284 kg.

Updating with a few images and more about what I've done another day.

Nah, fuck now I'll sleep !! (At 02:55 am)

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Lots of talk and little action.

Realizing now that I would update with what I have done that in the rush only taken one good picture ...

This is it:

On Monday, I should have changed the oil pan gasket but when I started to unscrew exhaust from the manifold, I realized immediately that it would not work. Three of the four nuts were so rusty that one side of the nut no longer was there. There's a little different nuts at work so I pick up a few and compare, obviously it is M10x1.25 and not x1.5 that are most common (in the nut boxes). Ass! time is 18:30 and I have just today (Monday) and tomorrow for me to screw in the car before Mantorp on Sunday. Searching frantically in 45min on all sides where I can imagine that there are and that they are open. No luck! Tomorrow's problems. The rest of the evening I ripped out the carpet and seat to the back seat and manifold heat shield mm.

Note the rear view mirror of the patch. I found a mirror with Velcro below the seat, why?

Lots of old dust and shit in the lungs so now it was time to make it a night.

Yesterday I called around to a few more places and found nuts 4 pieces for 48kr (around 6$) perfect.
I also dealt with a feeler gauge when I thought it ticked a bit much for being a Honda engine (even though it's Honda's worst engine). The clock struck 17 (5 pm) and I started screwing. Nut bastards do not want to come off, to finish so I get tired and decide to try to remove the entire pin too, still no luck. At 19, I give up and come on Brainwave to check if it is the case that bolts to the trough actually stuck. five or six of them sat right solved. Oil drip resolved, 5min work in 4h kudos Emil! (Thats my name, Emil Daugaard)
So I start by adjusting the valves, it took a while but went smoothly then I change the oil and filter. Asaad (my colleague) switched to the new discs at the rear and mounted my long-awaited Project mu Club Racer pads, he was forced to leave so it was that help I got. Now it was time to replace the front disc but it seems that the discs I bought cheaply was mislabeled and belongs to the carbed gen 3 so they are 20mm smaller, I put away the pads and let the restored discs remain. Ordering new discs tomorrow (Wednesday). The exhaust system leaks like a sieve where it sits exhaust clamps so I weld it together and save about 250g

The evening's done at around 1:00 am and I clean away the tools, and start to change the fuel filter. When I stand and unbolt the filter, I see a cable that has been bitten off, hmm ^T) it's not good, I fix it and zeroes ECU

Finally it disappeared, the warning about the camshaft sensor and finally the car will run properly!
So pleased that it's fixed!
Sleeping time at 03:00am on the manager's couch at work, 3h lovely sleep.

This afternoon the new discs came i changed them in 20 minutes.

Found the reason that cooling water was gone the other day, there is a small leak in the radiator so it had leaked out on 5-6 weeks since I filled the system last time.

I think thats all. Well I bolted in the extinguisher as well. The stuff missing before Mantorp on Sunday is the helmet and gloves. I will buy that from Trendab on saturday.

Total lost weight: 54,716kg, left 145,284kg.

Roger out!

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The sum of the weekend:
It's the path I want to spend all my time for the rest of my life!
It was a wonderful weekend with HPC, lots of beautiful/nice people, nice weather, if somewhat cold and a lot of really awesome cars.

Up Saturday morning and off to Trendab in Södertälje. Thought i'd buy me a helmet and a pair of gloves. It was like this:

Apparently there is also a pair of shoes!
Where this:

I got mighty good healp of Nils Mattsson on Trendab when it came to what gear you should have and what it's worth spending money on. Before I left I asked if they had anything at a discount price and I got tips on some shoes they had been standing on the floor in the hallway. You have probably not my size, unfortunately, I said (size 13)! They had a couple OMP sneakers in my size and not only that ... Mr Mattsson gave them to me when they apparently had a defect. I see it like i was sponsored. Thanks!

The weather on Sunday morning:

Random images which can be glimpsed a Prelude "CR-V" or a skäggmongo:

A small film from "Bullet ---" when he runs and you see the prelude a wee bit.

Then an image on the repair of wiring:

Now it is ordered polyurethane bushings from Australian company SuperPro by KG trimming.
This is because all the upper suspension arms are loose to the bushings are completely out !!
I can move the tires out / in approximately 1-2cm ...
This should make a big difference for the next track day which is probably Gelleråsen with Ford Club.

The car started after 70km of driving on the racetrack emit a whistling sound in the left corner before the hairpin (f2) so the day ended a little earlier than planned. But it does not seem to be any danger in wheel bearings. Otherwise behaved itself quite well under the circumstances. Perfect balance on the brakes and the car neither of ruled or governed. Stoked as hell at working more on its performance.

Roger out!
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