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I'm a current owner of a 1991 Prelude SI ALB - she's a beauty but she's a pain in my arse.

Here's some pics of her:

I got her for $600 in Virginia Beach. She's got a B20a5 rather than the original B21, so the engine is likely lower mileage. Last guy did not take care of it. It needs:

New carpet
Some major rewiring, there was an aftermarket alarm and a radio added that really wasn't done right
A better intake, its got a SRI that looks like a dryer and a set of pipes had an identity crisis
Transmission case had a hole in it - I'm planning a 5-speed swap some day so I plugged the hole in the case with a piece of scrap steel and a stick welder.
Wheels need some polish and 2 hubcaps
A/C had to be ripped out as it shredded the alternator belt as I was bringing her home... bypassed and have since removed it since I don't need it.

I'm planning to restore it to some degree, but I also want to add some of my own personal flair to it, and add some modern conveniences ( Like a few USB ports, a rear power socket, etc ) and drive it under an antique plate. I'm no stranger to Japanese cars, but this is my first Honda, and I'm pretty excited for what's in store for it.

I'm located in Eastern Virginia, near Warsaw and Tappahannock.
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