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Basically decided to make a thread to diagnose my current issues and hopefully find a solution to the current issues I'm facing.

Long story short - I did a burnout, 15 mins after both Amplifiers that was installed by the previous owner started power surging - removed the RCA cables and that temporary fixed the issue, no sub-woofers for me :( Every issue followed after this.

VTEC and Electrical issues
RPM gauge lags for some odd reason, vtec was not engaging - I'd be just about limit bashing on 2nd gear by the sounds of it and the revs would slowly be climbing past 5,000rpms. Other times the vtec would semi engage then it would cut out.

I removed the solenoid and cleaned it out, replacing every gasket seal and o-ring. Started the car up and gave it a warm up, it took 3-4 engages before I felt it kick in again 2nd gear (VTEC Success) .

2nd run testing it I hit 3rd gear trying to engage vtec and it would not budge! I'm hitting 120km/s 3rd, it isn't limit bashing and I'm just about 7,000rpms till I shift into 4th and then it climbs. On the way back the car stalled for some odd reason whilst having my foot on the clutch going 20km/s. Upon parking the car and letting it idol, it sounded like the engine was choking and dying then it rent back to it's usual idling sound. The car idols around 800-1000rpms but drops to 500 when it is about to stall. Every now and then my oil light will show, especially on tight turns and random times where I'm at a complete stop. I checked the levels and they're fine.

Stalling issue
Car stalls randomly and i hear a licking noise and can feel it every time I accelerate slightly. This only happened after running the above tests 20 minutes later. I went to do a oil flush and buy some oils but the car stalled half way there and is a safety hazard so I drove home before it stalled again another 3-4 times lol.

Edit: Sounds like an engine knock, when i pull the throttle cable, could be one of the cylinders. Going to pull the sparks one by one and see what cyl makes the most noise.

Video of the issue

It's a BB6 H22-Z1 5th Gen (AUDM)

edit: Solution - Going to rebuild the engine. ughh
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