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Hi All,

I'm trying to find my old 2001 EBP Honda Prelude Type SH (VIN: JHMBB61511C003214).

I sold it back in December 2011 while I was in Roswell, New Mexico to a Jorge Guerra.

He informed me that he sold it a few years later to pay for help pay for his wedding but didn't retain buyer info. Public VIN searching tell me the vehicle is still within that state.

I'm hoping the interwebs can help me bring my baby back home. Selling her has been one of my life's biggest regrets.

If anyone has any info, please reach me here or on Instagram at @RomelM12_Builds.

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Judging by the mileage between the sale in 2011 and renewal in 2014/2015 - i'd say the car has been sitting a lot and barely driven.

I'd think it's either broken down in someones garage/driveway or by now it's possibly parted out. No signs of it ever being at a dealer for anything besides warranty work back in 2002 but it also doesn't say totaled/salvaged anywhere.

Maybe check the Prelude facebook groups or even post it on instagram with some appropriate tags (I don't use the service so this is just a thought)
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