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So I am the owner of a 2001 Honda prelude 2001.
My issue with the car is that the car will work perfectly fine in the am, it idles at 900rpm and there are no codes. But after 15 to 20 minutes the car dies while driving. And it won't turn back on. If you leave it set for an hour or so she starts right back up and act like nothing ever happen but now it takes less time (about 5 minutes or less) then it dies completely until the next day.

I've recently done the following:

Changed spark plugs, spark plugs coils, oil, fuel filter, air filter, ignition switch, battery, alternator, serpentine/timing belt

I've also sent the air manifold to get cleaned and polished, checked the fuel pressure and cleaned my injectors.

I'm running out of ideas, and this is my third day missing work bc of the car and I'm running low in cash to keep paying tow trucks.
Does anyine have any idea what could be wrong with the car? Is she giving out on me?
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