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1995 Prelude SR
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Hello everyone! I hail from the forums of... well, many other cars because my new-to-me 1995 BB2 is vehicle number 4 for me! I was originally looking for some interesting car to flip, but, as you'll see in another post of the build progress, the scope of the project got much, much bigger.

The story... I found this Prelude on craigslist in need of a water pump, which sounded like a project I was capable of. It was even supposed to come with a spare engine. The price was right, but when I got to the car, there was a lot missing. More than I expected. It was missing a valve cover, the front cross beam, battery, and, strangely, the front left brake pads?! I talked the price down because of these, and that I would hold off on the spare engine and see if I really needed it later after fixing the water pump. I was able to get my Legend's battery hooked up to the car to verify mileage. Which was... 383,000 km. Wait, kilometers??!

Well, I brought the 'ole girl home because I felt she was worth saving. After a wash, and getting a better look at the state of the body, paint and interior, I find that this is not a Prelude Si. It's a Canadian Prelude SR! The interior was at least whole and clean-ish, aside from the prevading odor of stale cigarettes.

Kilometers dash, DRLs and heated mirrors were the telltale indicators of a Canadian car, since the door jamb plates had been removed.

Stay tuned for the build thread to see where things are at today! 😄
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