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Greetings, my friends call me Nar.

I'm a longtime car enthusiast/driving enthusiast and racing enthusiast. I've owned 28 cars at this point, four of which were Honda's (including my new Prelude). I'm pretty excited about my new Prelude. I originally planned to get a 3rd gen but I came across a very clean 5th gen and couldn't pass it up.

I started a thread in the 5th gen forum with pics and more info here:

Originally I started driving on the backroads before I became an HPDE driving instructor at Thunderhill, a drifting judge/coach, and an auto-x/rally-x competitor. I was also SCCA pitcrew for an S2000, a couple Miatas and an RX7. Lately I work as a mechanic and smog technician while I'm finishing up a degree in automotive technology at the local junior college. I want to start a custom fabrication shop eventually.

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