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First off just want to say I'm so glad I found this forum I've learned a lot in the past few days.

So, I'm about to buy 97 prelude with 160k miles on it and have some questions. I'm getting it for $1000 the motor and tranny seem to be working fine after a brief test drive around the yard. It needs body work more than anything it has some rust on the rear fender (heard it's common in these cars) and has a dent on the passenger side fender by the door. Both should be an easy fix.

1- How much will it cost me to fix those rusted areas? Was told to use bondo and sand it idk I'm a noob btw

2- it's an automatic transmission unfortunately and I'm worried since I heard they suck. What are some things I can buy to prolong its life until I'm ready to do the manual swap?.. Tranny cooler? Torque converter? How much $ we talking..

3- am I getting a deal? I really like the car and It will be my project and baby for the next couple years I have big plans for it

4- I plan on getting a full tune up done on it to make sure the engine is good to go. What are some minor things I can buy to improve its performance? Other than a cold air intake what can I add.

Thanks and I'll take all the advice I can get!


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The rust is the worst of the damage. I would look into neutralizing it as soon as possible to prevent spreading.

The auto has no cure besides a swap. Just go easy on it and do not use the sport mode.

Hopefully your timing belt and water pump have been done, due to the mileage i would believe you're nearing it's next due date.
Welcome to the forum!
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