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Hi fellow Prelude Owners!!!

So I finally was able to get the vehicle I always wanted as a kid later in life and do the work on it I could only dream of when I was a 16 year! So I am starting with a 1998 Honda Prelude. Here is my current set up:

H23A swap
AEM intake
Custom headers
cat-back exhaust with a test pipe,
On coil overs (which I do not like)
JDM lip kit
Pristine interior that looks like it was never abused!

So what I would like to do…. Ultimately I want to turbo charge the engine. But after researching it, found out I could only run like 6-8lbs of boost safely and without atleast sleeving the engine. So after doing my turbo research ( because its been years since I have looked into them. I went out and did my Honda prelude motor building researching and came across an amazing article ( by Keahistight! Also browsed many other build threads for H22s and H23s. Definitely recommend to everyone if you are interested in doing a build or just want to get familiar with all the possibility of doing something fantastic with an awesome car.

Here is what I am thinking of doing based on my research and following this lovely guide! I figured I would do it in stages/phases. Please let me know what you all think and if my phases are correct and if there is ANYTHING that I have overlooked. Any recommendations to what I have currently listed too would be amazing!

The "?" things are stuff I am unsure of whether I am going to do it or where/what to get... input is appreciated here :)

Thank you all so much!!!

Phase #1 – Bottom End

Sleeves – darton cast iron modular integrated deck sleeves
Pistons – Golden Eagle Stroker kit with JE pistons 9:1 ratio
Rods – Golden Eagle H beam rods (from stroker kit)
Crankshaft – Golden Eagle Stroker Kit – Forged 4340 Chromoly
Ring Set – Golden Eagle Stroker Kit
Wrsit Pins (22mm) - ?
Locks - ?
ARP Main Stud and Bolt Kit
Bronze Valve Guides
Main and Rod Bearing – OEM Honda or King or ACL Race
Seals – rear and main seals – OEM Honda
Gaskets – head gasket – OEM Honda (copper spray?)
Belts – Timing Belt, Crank Pulley Belt, AC and PS belt – OEM Honda
Tensioner – Timing Belt tensioner and Auto tensioner – OEM Honda
Water Pump and Oil Pump – OEM Honda
Kaizenspeed - KS Tuned Balance Shaft Eliminatory Kit
ATI Super Damper
Engine Mounts – Innovative Mounts
Moroso Oil Pan vs stock – thoughts?
Unorthodox Pulley Set – Crank, Alternator, Power Steering (Brushed vs Chrome?)

Phase #2 – Top End

Golden Eagle Cam Seal (3 VITON O-rings) – order with Bottom end equipment.
ARP Head Stud Kit (Cyclinder Stud Kit – ARP kit#: 208-4307)
Hot Tank - ?
Valves – Supertech Nitride coated flat-faced valves OR Skunk2 Alpha Series
HEVN-1042D Black Nitrided Exhaust Valve
HIVN-1042D Black Nitrided Intake Valve
Valve Springs – Skunk2 Valve Springs Pro Series
Spring Base Kits – Skunk2 Pro Series (312-05-0015)
Retainers – Skunk2 Titanium Retainers Pro Series (308-05-0300)
Camshafts – Skunk2 Pro Series 2 (305-05-5205)
Cam Gears – Skunk2 Pro Series (304-05-5220)
Intake Manifold – Skunk2 Pro Series (307-05-0300) – needs to be ported to 70mm
Intake Manifold Gasket – Skunk2 (372-05-0280)
Vs. Hondata Heat Shield (most likely this one!)
Throttle Body – Skunk2 Pro Series 70mm (309-05-0050)
Throttle Body Gasket – Skunk2
Ported Head
Polish Combustion Chamber

Phase #3 – Turbo

Garret GT35R
Turbo Exhaust Manifold – Synapse (log tubular manifold) or Turbo RevHard
Vs. TopFuel Top Mount Manifold
Oil Lines – steel braided
Charge Pipes -
Down Pipe -
Wastegate – TiAL 38mm
Intercooler – 31 x 12 x 3
Intercooler Piping –
Slim Fans –
Heat Wrap –
Turbo Timer - HKS
Boost Controller - APEXI
Blow Off valve – HKS SSQV
Gauges – Boost, Exhaust Temp, Oil Pressure, Air:Fuel Ratio
3” exhaust with Muffler (Possibly – Megan Racing M-Spec II Turbo Muffler)
Gauge Pod Clusters – (A-Pillar x3 and Center dash x3)

Phase #4 – Nitrous
(In all honesty I just want the purge system to shoot out the hood for fun. I don’t feel like blowing up my motor)

Nitrous Express Proton Fly By Wire system with 10lb bottle
NX Purge System
NX Bottle Heater
NX Bottle Opener
Gauges – Pressure Gauge
Gauge Pod Switch Panel for 2-1/16” gauge Pods

Phase #5 – Transmission/Fuel System/Ignition System

Walbro 255lph fuel pump vs. AEM High Flow Fuel Pump????
Injectors 880cc or 1200cc
Nology Hotwires
Denso Iridium Sparkplugs (one heat range colder)
Apexi Ground Wire Kit
AEM Fuel Rail (25-104BK)
AEM Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (25-303BK)
AEM High Volume Fuel Filter (25-200BK)
New Clutch and fly wheel Exedy Stage 2 thick clutch
Limited Slip Differential – WaveTrac 60.309.170WK
Short Shifter – JTC Customs (JTC-9701HPUK) -

Phase #6 – Stand Alone Engine management System (engine management)

AEM PEMS system
Xenocron OBD2a into OBD1 wiring harness conversion

Phase #7 – Suspension and Brakes

Megan Racing Lower Tie Bar ????
Tanabe Front Tower Strut Bar (TTB020F)
Tanabe Rear Tower Strut Bar (TTB008R)
Tanabe Front Sway (Stabilizer) Bar (TSB020F)
Tanabe Rear Sway (Stabilizer) Bar (TSB008R)
Tanabe 2 point sustec front under brace (TUB020F)
Tanabe 2 point sustec rear under brace (TUB020R)
Brakes – Wilwood
Megan Racing Rear Toe Control Arms (MRS-HA-1470)
New Axels (unknown source yet)

Phase #8 – Body

Roll Cage
Carbon Fiber Hood – Invader or EVO styling
Carbon Fiber Trunk – OEM style
Carbon Fiber Wrap Roof
Carbon Fiber Fenders (possible?)
Re-spray body
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