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I’ve never even thought to type anything in a forum.
It wasn’t until a few years ago, I started this journey with Honda had began.
I’m short, over time, I’ve acquired information that I just couldn’t find at all or, wasn’t in one thread so, I’m going to try and smash as much into something, as I can.
ie. I’ll find the part number that Lines up with the APS seal that worked for the M2b4 and that the h23 axels are what I swapped a few thousand miles ago.
I’m a noob in my eyes but, I’m also a Kinda homeless Corps veteran so, I’m trying to kill up free time when I’m not busy and share what I know and hopefully learn a lot more.
I do have opinions and also am open to disagreements. We all see our own truths so, let’s stay adults in the process.
Idk how to really use the site so, bear with me.

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So far...
H22a1 motor swap.
stock mounts
M2b4 transmission
H23 axels
National Output shaft seal
(P#710300) (p#xxxxxx)
New dizzy
Upper lower rad hoses
Tein springs/tokico shocks
17” 215/(45)
New outer tie rods
Aem v2 intake (edlebrock filter😭)
Agm battery
New ground for the starter and for the chassis.
Added an extra ground on the valve cover to the frame.
Ngk plugs/autolite irridium plugs
H23(p14) ecu (previous owner)
Idk the header and exhaust set up. All I know is I’m from Maryland and it isn’t our definition of “rice” lol.

kinda of doing now..
Lower ball joints
Upper control arms
Brake lines for more power
(it doesn’t brake the best)
Head gasket
(crate motor and needed it)
Exhaust gasket
IM gasket
Water pump and timing belt.

motor has about 108k miles and trans is still less than 90K
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