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Hello everyone,
I've got a problem with my swapped H22a 4th prelude. Everytime when i turn on engine - it works good, rpms are ok, but while driving the tachometer is going crazy (up and down like electrocuted) and when ill let go of the gas on 2nd, 3rd, 4th the engine shuts down immediately OR there is no reaction to gas pedal anymore and car is slowing down till engine die.

I switched ignition module, ignition coil to the new one and also ECU to the similar one - nothing changed, same s**t happening. I know i have to change lambda probe cuz it is in terrible condition... One more question, do you guys have an scheme of points of mass accumulation of the vehicle? I found 1 broken wire and fixed it, nothing changed so i would like to find rest of them.

Regards, exhausted prelude owner.
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