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H22A swap progress

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to big to load.. click the links

Mounts, 12LBS fly wheel. Clutch.
B20 OUT :D
H22A OBD1 w/LSD tranny (M2B4)
P13 W/ Vtec Frog OBO0>OBD1 conversion harness
Had my Valve Cover powerder coated. Stil need to file down the letters to get the Silver back.
All seals and timing components changed and ready to go
here we go, Lining the Mounts was a Bitch and a half. rear was easy, other 2 sucked big time!
After an hour of work, victory was mine. I must say I had a little victory dance when it was finally bolted down :p

Couple more days and I should be finished :D waiting on accord axles.
I must say this swap was no where near as hard as i thought. and i'm glad i had the advantage of a hoist :D. more pics to come of what my ideas are for the skid plate and what not. I also chose to keep PS as this was my daily driver and I wanted to keep the drive comfort there. Pics to come for everything. all in time :)
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AWESOME!! More pics are a must when its together!! so your keeping P/S etc?
just the P/S.. no a/c or cruise
man that is sweet!
im jealous
but yes more pics !
Are you glad that AZ made this as easy as possible for us?
Another satisfied customer.:sigh:
Nice:) I kinda wanna do this to my lude but I would rather to a 3G accord
Just wanted to post the pics so people can see them.

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Accord axles huh?
Yes Sean. I was going to mention that when i was done everything, but I would like to thank you, AZ race, as well as this forum because it was here that finally got me to do the swap. I had the idea back in 05, when I got my first lude. It was here that finally gave me the last little push to get it Done.

And yes! accord axles, I got H22 axles with the motor. and of coarse have the originals. went to the junker in calgary but all i got were auto axles. so that didn't work. then called up my parts supplier and now i'm getting new axles for 60 a pop with out core return :D
i sure hope that xtd works let me know how the xtd stuff works out because i used to wonder
nice pics:) lookin real good
Sweet swap cant wait to do mine just order the that the si ecu that you used with a conversion harness and where did you get the harness
i love boost but man i want an h22
Thats a P13 ECU, the harness is from boomslang makes the same one.
Very nice how much is it going to cost you? Or how much did it cost you total I should say.
maybe it's the photo but shouldn't there be 4 plugs at the ECU? I have the P13 and since I have secondaries it has a seperate plug for that.

The P13 has 3 plugs. The 4 plug is usually for the 4WS version.
Yeah I only got 3. Great news. :) I got my baby fired up today. To my amazment I had no errors on my wiring. I warn you all now... That ground that goes on the thermostat housing. DON'T FORGET ABOUT IT! wow I overlooked the problem. started testing stuff. then finally grounded that and I got fire :D. another day and i will feel this baby ROAR!!!
ha h aha ha h a, YEAH! I hate that ground.

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