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So i'm having a problem with my mechanic. Car just threw a check engine light for a misfire in 3 and 4. The car is a 99 its been running fine about a year.I have everything swapped over from obd1 to obd2 already using the h22a4 distributor, intake and exhaust manifolds all the sensors that needed to be. Also using what I assume to be oem spark plugs PZFR6F-11 ngk laser for the h22a4. Mechanic is saying the plugs might be wrong and distributor wrong since motor is of older age prelude. Ive read a lot on here so I'm nearly 100 percent sure that the plugs and distributor are fine for the motor. Just trying to make sure that they are. The plug wires are in good shape. He swapped spark plugs 3 and 4 for 1 and 2, it ran fine for a while but now it has a misfire on 1 and 4. I would think that if spark plugs were bad then I would end up having the misfire on 1 and 2 yet 2 is fine and 4 is still having a problem. Could it just be a faulty distributor instead?

Sorry if it got confusing in any way but any help is appreciated so im not getting dicked around and buying useless parts for the motor.

Compression test was done and it passed
Valve adjustment done with 93-96 h22a specs
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