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Hello fellow luders! This is going to be my first post on prelude power and I'm really stoked to be posting a small write up on something that I had a lot of trouble with!

I'm nearing the end of my jdm h22a swap into my 3rd gen! Next on my list was to finish the shifter swap. I found shift linkage and the shifter box from a 4th gen at a local u-pull yard.

When I sat the new shifter box down in the car, I was really confused as to how I would install it. The original 3rd gen shifter box has a flat base and the shift mechanism is raised above the base. However, on the 4th gen shifter box, the entire mechanism is recessed into the base, protruding an extra 2 or so inches. I found an old write up from 1funryd that helped me a lot.

First off, you'll have to knock out the cap that sits beneath where the shift box will go. I hammered a flat head in and pried it out. Not too difficult! Next was to make a few cuts in the base to make hammering in some material easier. (See photos) I spent a lot of time hammering around the hole, making it bigger until I got the perfect fit with the new shifter box. Where the old shifter box mounted(the rear 2 mounts) you'll notice the mounting spots are raised up (photo courtesy of prelude13) I had to cut those out in order for me to slide the box far enough back to fit the best. That will give you the best location as far as matching the original shifter location and it will make drilling the new holes a lot easier.

Next, I marked up the spots on the base of the new shifter box to drill some new mounting holes. I used the original bolt pattern in the car and just modifiers the shifter box itself. If you're going to be using the original bushings for the box (which I recommend) you'll have to make sure you use a drill bit big enough to accommodate for the metal tube inside the bushing(sorry, I don't know what it's actually called). If you'll notice. The top left hole that I cut out is pretty close to the wall of the shifty box, so I had to trim some material off of the bushing to make it fit. I also tried to straighten the left rear mounting spot, as it was originally as bent as the rear right corner.

After all of that, I was able to 3 of the 4 bolts in and I feel it is plenty sturdy. If you feel otherwise, you could always drill a separate hole in the base and run a nut and bolt through it. I felt that was too much work, so I'm sticking with just the 3 bolts. From there you should be fine to run your new shifter cables through the engine bay back into the cabin! And you're all set! If I run into any problems after we drop in the engine, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated! I'm sorry if the photos are all out of order or anything, I'm posting this on my phone. I'll try to edit them and move then to where they need to be once I find a computer.

Thanks all! Hopefully this can help someone!


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