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I have a TON of H22 parts and Prelude Parts, even more than what’s listed here, most H22 parts came off of a 5th Gen, some off of a 93’ VTEC. All these parts have been sitting around so i’d rather post them for sale so somebody can use them.
• I’m located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Local pick up only, you can PM me or text (210) 501- 8272. If serious.
-2 valve covers, one stock other is cut to show cam gears- $30 each
-Full engine Harness- $100
-VTEC Solenoid- $80
-Egr valves- $20
-Fuel injectors- $90 for set of all 4
-Alternator bracket-$25
-Alternator - $40
-AC compressor-$40
-PS pump-$40
-Power Steering Bracket-$25
-Crank sensor (CPS) (CKP)-$60
-Piston/Rod combo - $150
-random sensors
-ECU (P5M) - $60
-Fuel rails-$30
-throttle bodies-$30 with No TPS sensor, $60 With TPS sensor.
-etc etc..
•5th Gen parts i have left-
-Passenger door with window and motor (no dents)(silver)- $100
-rear bumper (silver) (No dents, just paint chipped)- $60
-Full Dash (all black, pretty clean no tears)- $80
-Trunk (silver, spoiler removed)- $40
-Front crash bar- $40
-all 4 seats (only driver has a tear, all other seats look brand new)- $80
*if not listed you can Ask for any other parts you may need, i have a lot.*
*if you’re just asking for a part please just PM me, i’m pretty active*
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