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So you're new to the DIY and you have a Prelude that needs its regular maintenance, but you don't know what to do with the waste fluids? Never fear, this document is for you:

Preface: My background is in engineering, programming and chemistry, and I've also R12 refrigerant certification. Feel free to suggest additions to this document.

Waste Motor Oil and Filters:

Place all your waste motor oil in a plastic resealable catch pan, obtainable at your neighborhood auto parts store or Wal-Mart. This will be exclusively for motor oil, so don't get a massive one - its for holding motor oil from oil changes.

Have a second container to transfer the oil to for transport - there's plastic jugs available that are perfect for this.

To drain oil filters, I suggest draining them overnight into a catch pan and then you can put them in your standard rubbish bin.

For disposal, your local auto parts store can usually dispose of it, but call ahead so you don't show up with jugs of it. Failing that, most shops will take it either for free or a small disposal fee.

Waste Coolant:

Get another catch pan for coolant, again keep this exclusively for coolant.

To dispose of coolant, if you're on sewer, you can simply dump it down the toilet. It is beneficial for sewage treatment as it provides extra nutrients for the bacteria to get rid of the sludge. Flush the toilet afterwards.

If you live on a sewage tank, you will need to find a local mechanic who will take it, again for a small fee.

Transmission fluids:

Manual transmission fluid and automatic transmission fluid can usually be mixed with motor oil for disposal at auto parts stores - its burned for bunker fuel after all.

Brake Fluid:

You'll probably have a brake bleeder bottle. You can use it for weed control - as most places won't take it, and adding it to your motor oil causes the company burning it woes as it produces toxic fumes. If you do not need it for weed control the safest method of disposal is to dig a small hole about a foot deep in the ground, fill it up halfway with kitty litter, pour the brake fluid in slowly and evenly, mix with the spade and then cover it in soil. Brake fluid will break down very quickly in the presence of moisture and the kitty litter mixing ensures you won't have a lawn full of dead grass, as it will absorb the brake fluid until it breaks down.

Old Petrol:

You can use this in lawnmowers, or as a solvent like brake cleaner. It is very flammable as you probably know. Worst case, mix it with a quart of seafoam or diesel fuel per 5 gallons and pour it into your fuel tank, will clean your injectors or carburetor out well.

Differential oil:

This can be disposed of similarly to ATF or manual transmission fluid.

Power steering fluid:

Mix with waste motor oil as its generally similar to ATF, its a hydraulic oil.

Coolant contaminated oil or ATF:

Mix it in very small amounts into regular waste motor oil and dispose of it slowly and put it in its own containers - it will burn just fine in small amounts but larger amounts will interfere with burning waste oil.

Please do not dispose of ANY fluids in the storm drains, this runs untreated back to your local waterways, do not pour any fluid on the ground except brake fluid as I specified, and do not mix other fluids than specified above.
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