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There are two cars that I've had experiences with that I want to re-experience.

First was my first car which was a 1983 Toyota Celica. This was back in the mid-1990s. In the late 90s I acquired a GTS model with a broken engine but I didn't have the skills (not forums/youtube) to fix it. I hope to get an 80s GTS or a Supra as a project car soon.

The second: In the late 90s a girl who I used to see at the club I went to wanted to show me her new-to-her used car. It was a white Honda Prelude, manual. I'm not sure what generation it was, although I suspect it was 3rd rather than 2nd. She let me drive the car for about 5 minutes, and I still remember it. The sunroof, flip up headlights, the smooth manual, the sleek look. Unlike the Celica, this one I drove for 5 minutes rather than owned for a couple of years, but it has almost the same amount of appeal.

So although I may start with a Celica/Supra, I want to be getting prepared for a Prelude project car, so it looks like this is the place to be. :)

I'm curious, if I see any in the salvage yards if there's any sort of 'unobtanium' I should be grabbing?

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