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So, I really appreciate the OP of the service manual for the 5th gen. Hella thanks. One thing about the pdf that just drove me crazy sometimes was that the "Find in page" feature on pdf reader apps can't read the pdf for some reason. Sure there were bookmarks but the manual itself has so much information about so many systems that it needs to be organized on the macro level. This had the consequence of information being scattered throughout on the micro level.

So, I individually saved each page as a jpeg and ran them through a pdf creator with a image to text reader. The result is a slightly larger file, but the pages are much more clear and crisp in my copy and the pdf is now entirely searchable using "find in page" or "CTRL-F" or whatever.

Click on this hyperlink if you want the file.

I really just wanted to make a useful contribution to this forum. Hopefully my link is added to the resources on the 5th gen page. If that kind of link is a no-no and someone would like to tell me where I can host it better, please do.

Okay bye.
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