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This information can be used for many other vehicles.

When I got car low fuel warning light was not working already. I replaced whole unit from junkyard. It was working for couple years and stopped again.
After performing tests as per service manual I have determined that low fuel sensor is shot.
I got another thermistor from the junkyard and it was not working either.

So I decided that I would just get the new sensor and hopefully it would last another 20 years.
I did some research over the internet and discovered that it is actual NTC thermistor (resistor that is changing its resistance depending on temperature), on picture it is steel cylinder.

Replacement-solder out old sensor, solder in new.

Here are new sensor’s properties:

Automotive fuel level sensor fuel pump alarm sensor NTC thermistor

Nominal resistance (25) 1000Ω ± 20%
Detection time: 180sec max
Saturation: 60mA max
Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Operating Volts: DC 8 ~ 16V
Operating temperature range: -40 ~ -80
Light is irradiated: 135mA min
not irradiated with light: 60mA min

Price: ~$17 CAD (shipping less than dollar) + ~$6 CAD for fuel sending unit gasket from dealership.
Ordered from and had to wait about two weeks.
Installed today.

For those who are interested how low fuel sensor is working:
There is constant 12v through the sensor. Because it is actually resistor it is getting warm but when gasoline level is high and sensor is submerged into fuel- sensor’s temperature is the same as fuel and its resistance is about 1000 Ohm, when fuel level dropped below thermistor-fuel does not cool its anymore and its resistance decreases and warning light comes up.

Hope that it helps someone.

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Thanks for this! I didn't have time to save this info to my computer till now.
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