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Long story... I'm rebuilding the h22a I swapped into my lude a few years back due to some blow by on the piston rings I was starting to contend with... When I swapped it I used the new injectors on the h22 for the higher cc etc. Now looking at it I completely overlooked the resistor box for the old injectors from the old motor...

The question I guess is what are the problems you can have from leaving the resistor box in on high impedance injectors? I know lo impedance injectors with no box can damage the ecu, this is the opposite scenario which im having trouble finding info on.

Plus I didn't feel I was lacking power for the 2 years it's been daily driven after the swap, I checked the injectors they are 11.2 to 11.3 ohms and the cars been running strong that way, gets out of its own way etc.

Will be posting about my current project in the near future as soon as it has the rest of its got legs... Motors all out and cleaned, need to get caught up a little bit my truck gave me a few hiccups that I needed to iron out, hopefully pics and postings will be up soon.
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