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come pick this stuff up!!!!!!!

its a powder coated b20/a1 vavle cover. the surface is perfect, it just been in storage for like a decade lol.

I also have a gladman cold air intake pipes, yeah the pain the ass ones were you have to move your battery, but I have the wires ground and power and tray to move your battery. you will need a new cone filter, cuplings and rings.

1 gladman front strut brace, in bangel white.

1 gladman rear strut brace, in bangel white

$60.00 for the vavle cover the rest of the stuff is free.
I will meet anyone near or close to san diego.

text me at 619-581-4808 ~Aj

I was on this site as digitalsaint2050, but its been deactivated so got time to wait for and admin. as I'm posting this on CL as well.
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