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TThere have been a few revisions to the For Sale / Wanted Rules so please read over the rules again before making a new For Sale / Wanted thread.

  • All members that post a for sale add must have at least 100 posts (this is mainly to prove you are not coming here just to sell and/or scam members ) All members that post a wanted add must have at least 25 posts.

  • All members must sell their own item. No posting for someone else to get around the 100 post count. No posting for someone who isn't a member.

  • No post whoring to get your post count up to sell or make a wanted thread.

  • Please post a price for each item, if a price is not posted the thread will be deleted. Even if it is OBO you at least need an asking price.

  • The only section that doesn't need to post an asking price is the part-out section.

  • Members must post photos of the item(s) they are selling or the thread will be deleted. No exceptions. There is also a minimum photo size requirement, 640px X 480px.

  • Members must make a For Sale on this site in order to sell here, no posting links to other sites for your item. i.e.- using craigslist or eBay to get traffic for your item.

  • Post the location of the item(s) being sold.

  • No bashing or negativity of any kind in any thread. The person is trying to make a sell, don't steal it from them.

  • Bumps are ok, but please limit them to once every day or every other day.

  • When your item has sold, please pm a mod and let them know so we can close the thread. Or type "SOLD" as the first word in the thread and bump it to the top so it can be closed.

  • When you buy or sell a item, please post in the member rating forum a feedback about the person.

  • Also, please leave an iTrader Feedback for the buyer/seller.

  • Members who have ripped off multiple other members will lose their selling privileges and / or be banned.

  • Also, not a rule but if you have a feedback thread in the Feedback forum, please link that thread to your sale item.
If you have any questions please pm xxfallacyxx, myself, or one of the other for sale/wanted moderators for assistance.

Thank you
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