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So I'm doing my first ever build.. I have a H22A4 and I have it basically stripped down and ready to head to a machine
shop. It's going to be an all motor build no boost. I have no time line on when to have it complete as its out of the the car. I know I'll be putting a pretty penny into it but who knows if I'll ever do it again

Hoping to share what I have planned and get advice on things to consider changing to make my build even better


Plan on getting new Pistons (not sure which brand) and having it bored out to increase the compression ratio to 11:5:1

Skunk2 cams (pro series 3 if I can track some done)
Skunk2 valve springs and titanium retainers
Skunk2 cam gears

Also looking at doing a balance shaft delete kit. But I've heard good things and bad things about it.

New intake manifold
Thorattle body
Cold air
Fuel rail
Fuel pressure regulator

Also considering redoing the exhaust.

Haven't searched much for the induction side of it as I'm a bit away from that but any reccomendations would be great.
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