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Feel The Ground Beneath Me

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When I go over speed bumps, or any large bumps in the road, or when Im on the highway, I dont feel like the car is holding steady to the ground.
With my Probe gt it alwatys felt stable eventhough it creaked and cracked every time i turned right. What might the problem be?
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yup.. sounds like shocks... is your car lowered?
nope. its stock still. How much does a job like that cost for our cars?
sounds like your shocks and maybe your bushings
yea sounds like was the case when i bought my car.....riding stock and....yep just like that......if i were you i would save up for some lowering springs and good shocks....if you are wanting to lower your car.....and there are different levels of lowering
No, i dot think ill be lowering the car in the near future. How much would a plain typical shock job be? I feel like the tires arent hugging the ground and when i go over a bump at high or low speeds, mostly high speeds the car will rock forward and back. What damage am I lookign at to my poor wallet?

your shocks, if your lookin for somthin good , about $60 a peicefor four. the job gonna cost you about 250 - 350 <est>. dont try and put them on your self if you dont know what your doing cause you can really hurt your self with the springs. good luck.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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