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MAKE: Honda
MODEL: Prelude
SUBMODEL: Si (JDM H22A swap)
YEAR: 1992 (engine manufactured 1994)
COLOR: Silver
MILEAGE: almost 255,000 miles on chassis, <52,000 on swap, including the <25,000 it shipped with; I have driven it about 27,000 miles since the swap in 2008.
TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual JDM M2B4 limited slip differential
VIN: JHMBB2154NC008809
LOCATION: Western NC (Asheville/Hickory area) local pickup/delivery only
PRICE: $4500
CONTACT: PM or [email protected]

I bought my 1992 Honda Prelude Si for $1100 in February 2005 with 198,000 miles. The labor cost of the entire engine/tranny swap was about $1550. The bushings took 10.5 hours to install due to the difficulty in removing the old bushings after 228k miles. In February 2012 I spent another $900 in labor (tuneup, brakes, climate control repair 244k/41k) and $550 in labor during the remainder of 2012-2013 (master cylinder, sensors, distributor, etc 245-249k). I have only been driving it a couple times a week for the last 5 years or so. Now I am looking to sell and get something AWD for the winter weather; my wife has to drive up a mountain to work. I wish I could afford to keep both, but we are paying for my wife’s Lyme Disease treatment right now.

Engine: *=Provided by Blueridge Motorsports (from 2008-2013) ~MILES: CHASSIS/ENGINE/ PRICE (parts, not labor):
JDM H22A* (shipped with less than 25k miles) with... 228k/<25k $2900
JDM M2B4 helical limited slip differential and front motor mount* 228k/<25k
Koyo 2 row aluminum racing radiator* 228k/<25k $365
stage 1, 6 puck, Competition Clutch* 228k/<25k $280
custom 3” short ram intake* 228k/<25k $85
HP Racing (?) ceramic performance header* 228k/<25k $235
custom 2.5" header back exhaust* (flex pipe replaced @ 245k) 228k/<25k $175
Magnaflow high-flow metal substrate catalytic converter 228k/<25k $80
Nopi titanium muffler* 228k/<25k $115
extra resonator* (done after custom exhaust… was too loud!) 228k/<25k $65
modified OBDI ECU P28* 228k/<25k $175
DYNOTUNED W/ eCtune*(launch control, 4800rpm VTEC crossover) 228k/<25k $400
JTC Customs short throw shifter 246k/<43k $100
more things that have been done during/since swap:
power steering and ac belt, vtec sol. seal, pass. axle seal, oil pan gasket* 228k/<25k ??
K&N cone filter* 244k/<41k $40
Walbro 255LPH high flow fuel pump w/ install kit* (tank checked-clean) 244k/<41k $105
timing belt w/ all hardware, H23 manual tensioner conv., & water pump* 244k/<41k $400
2 cam seals, front main seal, balancer belt & balance shaft seal* 244k/<41k ??
NGK spark plugs, PCV valve* 244k/<41k ??
Denso map sensor, O2 sensor, ignition switch, radiator hoses, clamps 249k/<46k $200
genuine Honda clutch master cylinder* 247k/<44k $133
(Honda manual trans fluid was replaced too) 247k/<44k
distributor cap, rotor button, 4 spark plug wires* 247k/<44k $140
Duralast battery (replaced 2010) 240k/<37k ??
Techna Fit stainless steel clutch line (NOT INSTALLED) N/A $25

Purolator fuel filter replaced about every 10,000 miles (last time was 247k; I still have a box of filters and and extra oil filter; oil changes were every 3,000 miles with 5w30 Royal Purple, with the exception of the last oil change which was fully synthetic Quaker State 5w30).

Suspension (unless noted all this was done at 228k/<25k)
Neuspeed Sport springs $155
KYB AGX adjustable shocks Trade
SPC front and rear camber kits (ball joints +-1.5) $330
polished stainless steel front and rear strut bars* $100
Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings (master kit, trailing arms. and sway bars) $215
passenger side drive axle 208k ??
driver side drive axle 198k ??
stock 15” rim w/ 205-60-15 Falkens (<½ tread) (I suggest a return to better tires as these do not exploit the potential of this suspension setup). It handles like it is on rails! Poly bushings!!!

Brakes (unless noted all this was done at 244k/<41k)
front: Brembo slotted rotors w/ Hawk pads (bought used with <1k miles) $100
rear: Power Slot rotors w/ Akebono Pro Act pads $125
4x Techna Fit stainless steel brake lines $95
4x rebuilt “preferred” Nissin OE calipers (front and rear) $270
brake master cylinder (DOT 3 fluid replaced) 246k/<43k $103

windshield* 228k/<25k $200
I replaced the corner lamp covers 228k/<25k ??
I have had the sunroof drains blown out a few times over the years 244k/<41k N/A

I installed used gauge cluster with newer less problem prone model when fuel and temp gauges failed 246k/<43k $75 carpet has been removed as well as center console, and some other unnecessary parts.
climate control circuit board connections soldered to be functional 244k/41k
(I have never used the AC but it should potentially work now with a recharge.)

The Good (cheap, reliable, and fast…..almost….):
This car runs like a top and provides all the fun I care to have on public roads. It has never left me sitting since the swap (the old h23 timing belt incident below was the only time it failed me since I bought it in 2005). I have only had minor issues expected for any car with a few miles. I care a lot about my vehicles, and though it may look rough around the edges, I have never neglected mechanical needs or maintenance. I’m a very spirited driver (the car was built for it), but I never rev above 2500-3,000rpms until it is fully warm. It has NOT used enough oil to need any extra between oil changes, but does sip a little in VTEC (worth it, but I generally shift shy of the notable crossover point). I always run premium fuel because of compression ratio and tune. The car has a bunch of new sensors and small things people don’t think about changing on the regular; I wanted to keep it running like it is supposed to! They don’t make them like they used to, get it while the getting is good! Cable throttle and cruise control!

The Bad (all problems I am aware of):
This car could use some paint very soon. The passenger window motor recently failed; my mechanic confirmed it’s the issue rather than another electrical problem. I have not ordered a motor, but I installed window visors to cover the 1 inch gap present when the motor failed. There’s some hail damage and a large dent behind the passenger door (predates my ownership). The trunk leaks a little in hard rain, could be sunroof drains again and/or tail light gaskets. It has some duct tape trim on the inside, but it matches the paint! It has regularly returned 27mpgs. My mpgs had fallen to 25ish, but much of the service (244k-249k) was an effort to improve this figure; it has, provided I’m easy on VTEC. Because it is lowered, it has some toe out in the back that cannot be adjusted in; this does wear the insides of the rear tires a bit extra, but seemed to reduce understeer, so I left it alone. The spoiler is currently off and holes siliconed. The antenna is gone (siliconed), but I think the wire is still there. I just use the CD player. I installed decent kenwood 6.5s in the front, and some mediocre rear speakers.

new genuine Honda clutch pedal cover
fuel filters and oil filter mentioned above...dot3, honda ps fluid
stock shifter (not installed, the short throw shifter is)
2x high beam replacement bulbs
1 low beam replacement bulb and 1 OE corner light cover (one was broken when I bought car)
I still have the spoiler… I plan on keeping my “blueridge” shift knob, but have the stock knob

Biography (keep in mind the engine has been swapped since the timing belt issue!!!):
When I bought by prelude, I guess it was my best birthday present to myself. I loved the H23A1 even though she was a heavy (oil) drinker and scared me once when the timing belt came off (without warping the valves!); I never regretted the purchase, and never doubted that I got a great deal. Eventually I was having to add a quart of 20w50 every ~900 miles of driving, and thought back on a not too distant memory… the cold cold morning I added 6 quarts of 20w50 (or should I say molasses) on the 18 mile trip to the mechanic when the seal above the oil filter decided the time was ripe for self destruction. This small tragedy inspired images of an JDM H22A driven Lude with LSD, a good tune, and fancy, albeit normally aspirated, “bolt ons.” Blueridge motorsports helped turn this image into a reality earning a regular customer and friend (not advertising; they now run a plant nursery). The car I loved before has been transformed into a trusty reliable daily driver that made the Si I remember so fondly seem like a shadow, indicating greater things to come.

Total cost I paid for the car $1100
Total cost of parts starting with the engine/transmission swap ~$7900
Total labor costs of extra work, discluding oil changes etc… ~$3000
Total = $12,000; I only hope to recoup half the cost of the car and parts, so I am asking $4500


Thanks Blueridge Motorsports:

On the Dyno for eCtune:

Pro Tuner @ Blueridge:

His Art...
jdm p13 vs eCtuned p28 dyno chart

see the nice gain in torque through the lower part of the band? car pulls from 35mph in 5th gear now without any complaints... I don't usually let it, but it can comfortably cruise along around 35mph.

peak numbers are just that, peak numbers... they don't speak to how much difference was really made with the tune... people who have rarely ridden with me have noticed the additional power.

The $$ Koyo 2 Row AL:

Rear STB and Agxes

Need A New Bumper For The Nopi Titanium Muffler:

Really Bad Pic Of Muffler:

Scraped Header On Dad's Drive, Day 2 After Swap :p


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SOLD :wzbigcry: 4500 towards a subie so the wife can drive in the snow on her 2 hour round trip to work.
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