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ROSKO's Prelude

Roger's Prelude Worlds Fastest BB FWD Turbo

I am doing a
Super Limited Run of (4) Prelude 97-01 Traction Bar Systems I will be making. ONLY 4. First Come, First serve. No other orders.

I am not back for good just Testing Waters on a Limited Run.

Will come standard semi gloss black powder coating with Red decal or choice of color decal.

Prices are not negotiable. Wait time will be like the past 6-8 weeks. Possibly sooner. 92-96 Prelude Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit Base Model ONLY H/F. $475 Shipped US. $20 additional for custom powder coating color 92-96 Prelude Traction Bar System WITHOUT Front Torque Mount Kit H/F but prevision $400 Shipped US. $20 additional for custom powder coating color.

I will be doing the 97-01 Prelude chassis as well so understand 4 total either chassis. First come, first serve. I will make them once all 4 spots are filled. I will not make any more for the time being after that. PM or Post with questions.

Q: What is a Traction Bar System and what will it do?

A: It will gain Traction and Help Eliminate Torque Steer. It will force more power to the ground and keep the nose of the car down. It will keep the LCA's stationary. Which means will gain Traction. You will notice Traction will grab instantly and go straight rather then off to one side and nose of your car will remain down instead of going up and losing Traction.

It is a guarantee and only way to fly to get your best 60' and 1/4 mile ETs. It is only way to fly trying to go from point A to B the quickest.

Our units are the Strongest on the Market. You can jack on them without every worrying about bending the bar unlike some other units. If the bar bends imagine how stable it is when load is on will give and LCA's will move and loss of Traction.

Q: Front Torque Mount Kit a must?

A: I have personally taken the Front Torque Mount Kit off my car and notice a big difference. Helps out a lot in forcing more power to the ground with eliminating th engines movement.

Q: Is there a weight savings with your ESP units?

A: Yes our ESP units are roughly half of the weight of the OEM pieces. As well as our units much stronger then the OEM unit. On average stock pieces will add up to 45 lbs and ours is roughly 22 lbs.

Q: Are they only for Drag Racing?

A: No that is the old myth. Overall you will notice a night and day difference in overall road response and steering in good and bad weather conditions. Turning will also feel much more accurate. Road Race guys have been running our units for years. They swear they have much more Traction and are able to come into and out of the corners much harder and able to run more boost in turbo applications because of the added Traction.

They are a Win Win!!!

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