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I have in my goodie stash. One of my ESP 4-2-1 Headers. Used. Made 217 whp n 174 trq on my H23V stock internal crx. It also made 210 whp and 174 trq on my stock internal H23V with type S/euro R cams. 2" runners down low into a 2.5" outlet merge then merged into 3" after flexpipe. Has 2 O2 sensor inputs one is capped off. Will include new gaskets and coating. I am no hurry to get rid of. I discontinued making these few years ago. Makes POWA!

These also are pan huggers 1/4" ground clearance from pan. At the time were no pan huggers. Perfect for lowered cars

At the time of making these was one of the best bangs for buck at a price little over dc sports retail price...back when.... price includes shipping.

$499 Shipped US. Willing to negotiate!!!!!!!


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