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I have a 1990-91 Prelude driver's side door (lock, window, vent) trim piece. These are often broken from age with plastic. This piece is completely intact. Functions perfectly, no broken pieces.

I'm asking $15 plus shipping (paypal only). Send me a message with zip code and I'll give you a quote on cheapest shipping.


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Firstly Need to Remove Door-trim

Open the window and expel the little top on top of the column

Expel the screw that will be open after the evacuation of the top

Delicately pull off the spread within the entryway.

the base of the spread is joined with a little clasp that will pop off

(Driver-side as it were)

Expel the screw within the entryway handle

(Traveler side as it were)

Expel the tops on the entryway handle

what's more, evacuate the 2 screws that will get to be obvious

Expel the 2 screws that hold the trim on the (in)side of the entryway

Expel the screw on the opposite side of the entryway


Tenderly haul out the plastic part with the switch and entryway handle

(Traveler side)

Tenderly haul out the plastic part with the window-switch

Separate the connector from the switch

Delicately haul out the plastic that encompasses the entryway opener

Presently pull the base part of the entryway trim (1)

It's appended with little plastic clasps that ought to pop out.

Once the base part is free, move the trim upwards (2) and it will fall off

Done !
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