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The car: 92 Prelude

This is my first tutorial, hope it's helpful!

This applies to 95% of all vehicles with power antennas. Wire colors may differ but but other than that it's pretty much all the same. and don't worry, it's pretty hard to screw this up. However, I am not responsible for any damaged property... yadda yadda.

Supplies: Wire Cutters/Strippers, Electrical tape, 9 volt battery

First, I have to say that this does not FIX your power antenna that does not go up and down when the radio turns on. The likely reason this does not work is when you and your dumb friend who thinks he knows everything installed your aftermarket radio, you/he probably didn't hook up the power antenna wire. Or the antenna unit itself is toast. If it's the unit then this might not work for you anyways.

By the end of this small DIY you will be able to put your antenna in the all the way down position, all the way up, or anywhere in between. (half mast) But it will remain in the position you put it in. It will not automatically go up and down anymore. Okay? lets get started!

1: Open the trunk, remove the jack cover and the jack.

2: Pull back or remove the interior panel by removing the plastic christmas trees. (plastic things that hold in the panels)

3: Locate the wires that control the power antenna. there are 3 of them Brown - Yellow - Yellow/White
Cut these wires individually to avoid sparks or damage to the vehicle. (do not cut them all together!) Strip the Yellows and the brown wire on the antenna side then twist the two yellow wires together.

4: To make the antenna go up place the +pos Side of the battery on the yellow wires then touch the brown wire to the -neg side of the battery and your antenna will begin rising up! un-touch the brown wire to stop the antenna from moving.
If you want the antenna to go down then touch the brown wire to the +pos side of the battery and the yellows to the -neg side you can keep switching + and - to fine tune it till you have the antenna in the position you like.
Note: The antenna does not even have to be a quarter of the way up to receive a good signal.

5: Tape up the wires coming from the car individually so none of them can contact each other or the chassis of the car. There is no need to tape the wires coming from the antenna as these wires have no power running through them

6: Reassemble the paneling and the jack/jack cover. Take your thumb and index finger together at the top of the antenna and slide it downward to push all the extra sleeves of the antenna back down into the car.

7: Close the trunk and admire your hard work!

Let me know if i need to be more specific in any of the steps! and let me know if this helped you, thanks!
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