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Apparently Honda made two different saw blade style wheels. Appearance wise, they look VERY similar. But where I'm having an issue is with the reproduction center caps that I make. On my 91' Si USDM factory wheels my repo caps fit great but on a customers 89' 2.0 Si they don't fit. The "ears" don't engage on his wheels like they do mine. Does anyone have any insight to this topic? The other differences I can notice are on my 91' wheels, the part numbers are located on the wheel behind where the center cap goes as with his wheels, the part numbers are located around the spokes. Any info on this would be great!

My 91' wheels are the pic with the cap, his 89' wheels are without the cap. The last pic is his car when he first bought it( he repainted his wheels white). had a diagram but doesn't list the different part numbers.


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