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Not completly sure

Try disconecting all speakers that are hooked up to it. Also try disconnecting all the RCA's.

Disconnect the power/ground/remote from it and reconnect them, and ONLY them..

If it still is in protect, or diagnostic mode, then the amp may be shot.

If you connect the rca's and it goes into that mode, then the rca's are probably shorted, or the cd player shorted.. IF you connect the speakers and it goes into that mode, then your speakers are probably blown or speaker wires shorted

edit: I opened the manual on my Zeuszxi6006 amp, and it said this about diagnostic mode

The diagnostic system will shut down the amp, untill reset by turning the head unit off and back on. Thijs state of affairs will be indicated by the front panel PROTECT LED lighting up under the following conditions.
1-A Short circuit on the loudspeaker leads
2-An internal amp fault that causes a DC offset on the loudspeaker output

Should an amp go into diagnostic mode, simply disconnect all RCA and speaker leads, while keepin the 12v, ground, and remote leads connected.
1. Now turn the amp back on, and if the diagnostic led lights, the amp has an internal fault.
2. If not, plug the rca's back in and reset the amp, if it goes into diagnostic, its a rca probelm
3. Do the same with the speaker wires, one at a time, if it goes into diagnostic, thats your problem.

Basically the book says what I said :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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