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D4 light blinking and other questions.

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So I can't seem to find a solid answer anywhere. I JUST put my 2000 base model on the road 2 days ago. Yesterday the speedometer started bouncing all over and then after a bit just stopped all together. I believe this is right around the time the D4 light started blinking at me regardless of what gear it's in. Now, my check engine light is on as well, that came on first, but it's throwing no codes when plugged in(so im told). Would the speedometer alone cause the D4 light to flash non stop? The car seems to shift fine. A little slow from 1st to 2nd but no bangs or anything but I'm driving it super easy for now. Also a very strange problem I'm having is that first time I really drove it for an hour one day I came home and parked it and checked the engine oil after it sat for 20 minutes and it said it was like empty which I thought was crazy so of course I filled it. 2 weeks later I check it after it's been sitting and it's now waaayyy over full. I had to drain a quart or so out before I put it on the road the other day. I made sure it was to correct level and started driving it. Now the dipstick is saying low AF again but I know it's got oil. No oil light on, it seems to run fine. What the hell could be happening here? I checked it after it sat overnight and it still said it was low. I'm scared to fill it and run it if it's over full. Also, what is the exact, correct way to check a auto trans in a 2000? I'm finding different answers all over Google. Warmed up and in park? Neutral? Engine off and cold? I'm seeing all of them. Can't get the right answers. Thanks guys.
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Also are these VSS sensors prone to failing? It seemed like hitting bumps made it stop working but I'm not positive. I downloaded the 97-99 shop manual but can't find the procedure to change trans fluid the right way. Do you guys think maybe the speedo cable came out the back of the cluster? It works very intermittent now for like a second and then stops for long periods. All this and the oil probs in motor and trans have me very nervous to drive it. Surely someone must have had these issues before me. I searched stickies and what not with no luck and google too.
Damm, nobody? Nothing at all? Either no one knows whats up or this forum isn't too active anymore. I used to be able to ask anything on here back in the day when I had all my 3rd gens...guess ill call honda and see what they have to say.
That is VSS issue, replace your sensor.
I have the sensor on the way and that'll be fixed as soon as it gets here. Can anyone tell me what is the correct way to check the trans fluid in an automatic? The shop manual says with engine cold and on level ground. Honda says normal operating temperature and neutral. Other sources say the same but in park. I'm getting different readings for all. Can't tell if it's too full, not enough or on point. I'm babying the shit out of it right now untill i know for sure. I drained out like 2.3 quarts and added new honda atf.
That is VSS issue, replace your sensor.

it sounds alot like what i had

Now the dipstick is saying low AF again but I know it's got oil. No oil light on, it seems to run fine. -------no low atf indicator will be provided.

i must admit...cold,hot ima bit confused...i aim for something on dipstick on LEVEL ground...i replaced a bunch of ATF fluid with the solid gold honda ATF fluid...meh,,,,no difference
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