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After I got it started earlier today, I let it warm up and idle for a while, then I shut it off. Started it again. Shut it off. Started it again. Shut it off again. Seemed ok, so I went inside and took a nap.

Came back out to move the car up into the driveway to wash her, and she wouldn't start. So I guess it wasn't that ground wire, after all. The only other thing I did was clean the cap and rotor contacts (cap and rotor are only a few months old, but were pretty corroded already) and take out the magnetic pickup and hose the distributor out with electrical parts cleaner. So I tried doing that again. No luck.

There's a little bit of oil inside the distributor, but it's been like that for a while. Could this have fried the module (it's a hitachi dist. so the module is inside)? And it just happened to kinda work for half an hour earlier today?

I'm so fucking mad because today was my first Saturday off in a long time and I was hoping to devote it to something productive. Now there's barely enough daylight left to do anything, and even if there was, I don't feel like fucking with cars anymore right now :(
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