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Hey everyone! I want to see everyone before i move out west. I know its short notice but hey.. if you want to see me or my car before i go i suggest canceling whatever plans you have on this date.. haha.

Where: Danbury Connecticut, Marcus Dairy.
When: Sunday, March 15th
Address: 5 Sugar Hollow Road
Time: 11am to Whenever
To Do: I want to meet up at Marcus Dairy, chill for an hour or 2 and then go eat somewhere. Go for a drive, meet back at the Dairy for photos with my SLR and part out :)

I probably wont be back in NE for a couple of years... So.. its quite depressing. I want everyone to go but i know that isnt possible. But bear with me guys, please? Sometimes it can be really warm in march :)

Pics from the last meet:


1: Bill - 98BB6SH
2: Russ - rc114
3: Steve - soto2635
4: Brandon - psychochimp
6: ImPorTuNeRdJ
7: Stealthx47
8: twokexlv6coupe
9: RudeGirlWitDaLude
10: EvilBird
11: neonxiii
12: rich045
13: Ryanallday
14: H22LudeSH
15: maddog016
16: H22a Tyler
17: silva247
18: bboixtc
19: H22 spin em
20: mrmckie
21: euddys
22: quocbb6
23: Nasty "spoon" lude
24: H22BB6
25: motoxxxman
26: kyleb1115

there are a few more i have not added to the list.

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I'll see what I can do to make it bro. No lude this time unfortunately. Those pics make me sad, lol...

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I sold it, back in February, last year. I definitely miss it, hope to pick up another one sometime soon.
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