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I’ve read just about all of the other posts in regards to code 9, the cyp sensor, and idle issues but I haven’t been able to find someone with the same problems that I have. It’s a 2001 prelude 5 speed base with 183k miles, it’s got a p72 ecu w hondata s300, a stage 4 clutch, fidanza flywheel, mfactory lsd, a rebuilt tranny, catback exhaust, a CAI and an msd distributor cap and rotor. Everything else is stock.

I did the clutch, transmission, and had the car dyno tuned well over a year ago and it ran perfectly up until last week. I was coming back home, I pulled up to a stop sign and turned onto my street. The car accelerated normally in 1st and it just died as I shifted into second gear. It wouldn’t start back up at all, I was barely able to coast into my driveway. Before this I haven’t noticed any loss of power or emissions or sputtering or missing or anything unusual from the car at all.

After a few minutes of looking for any disconnected wires or vacuum leaks I was able to start the car back up again. It barely started, it was rumbling and shaking and barely idled over 400 rpm. When it runs it has no pattern as if it doesn’t know which cylinder to fire, it just dies after being on for 20-30 seconds. I’m not even able to shift it into gear to try to drive it as the engine will just die if you try to rev it up or put load on it. I checked the fuel system, the spark plugs, all the wires, checked for any leaks, checked for any blockage in my air intake, but everything was good as far as I could tell.

The ecu threw a code 9 so I bought a new distributor, but it ran the same. I bought a new msd cap and rotor and it still ran the same. I checked to see if the rotor was spinning, it was. I double checked all the wires for continuity. I checked the iac valve and map sensor and they’re functioning properly. I swapped the p72 ecu out for my stock one and it still ran the same. I don’t think it’s a problem with air in the coolant but I can’t really bleed it properly with it running this way anyways. I’m also pretty sure it’s not my idle speed adjustment or a compression or valve issue as it happened so suddenly.

I really don’t want to tow it to my local Honda dealership to have them charge me and arm and a leg to look at it. I’ve spoken with my tuner and a few mechanics that work on Hondas and they have no clue. I’m really stumped on this and would appreciate any input or ideas. Thanks!

Here, enjoy a pic of the lude nonetheless
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