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3,500$ BB6 98 H22A1 Engine.
350$ Skyline Body Kit
150$ Z3's Fenders
450$ NEw BSA Model 291 Rims
200$ 205/40/17 new z Rate Tires
100$ Out of the Funk yard Black Interior
200$ New Winshield
100$ V-tech Altenator
120$ V-tec CPU Computer
400$ Engine Swap
120$ Blue Neon Set
180$ AEM Cold Air Intake
330$ MSD Complete System with timing control
79$ MSD Spart plugs wirers
150$ OBD V-tec Headers
100$ Installation if headers and G-ready Exhust Musfler
30$ Racing calict Convertor
140$ Halo Light Project lights.
200$ Racing momo Seats
400$ Paint Job
400$ Optional Thinking of buying Universal Vertical doors (90 degrees Angle)

Oh and don't forget how much i paid for my SI $2,600.
Total cost is. 10,299.00 us dollars. This is craizy ain't.
I don't know if i'm will be getting my money back when i sale it one day.
i Probably go turbo on it and them try to get my money back. sell it for at least 11,000.00 on Ebay when i'm done with the car shows and races.
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