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For those who are in CA or going to be in CA at some point and will be needing to obtain a smog certificate in order to register or renew their prelude (or other vehicle), I thought it would be a good resource to actually be able to look up the original executive order listing for your parts, to see if you actually need to remove/replace them to pass. If memory serves, I believe it's been a myth around the site that the only header that will pass smog is the DC sports header, which isn't the case. The department tasked with maintaining all the records is the CA Air Research Board. The link below is to their site and specifically to the lookup tool you can use to pull up, and print/bring with you to the smog station (or keep handy in your car in case CHP decides to bug you), show them, and get it cleared for your aftermarket part. My apologies if it's already been posted, I searched for it and found nothing about the Air Research Board, so figured it might come in handy for those of us in the golden state.

Use the 2nd blue box, and select "Manufacturer", then select your aftermarket part category from the drop down list and click "Search for EOs". The lists are going to be for every manufacturer of that specific category for ALL vehicles, so you'll need to do some scrolling through names to find your specific part. I had to get a few printed out for smog and remembered when I was printing the one for the heddman header, that I kept reading on here that it wasn't CARB legal, which isn't the case, so, hopefully it's helpful.

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